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Well, I finally got my hands on a Canon 20D Saturday to try it out. Very nice camera, felt comfortable in the hand and seemed pretty quick. The wheel seems like a great idea. I also tried a D2H to get an approximation of how the D1H would feel. I've never used a vertical grip before, but it felt comfortable right away.
When I crunched the numbers, I couldn't pass up the deal I got on a D1H off ebay. If I had gone with the 20D and sold all my Nikon stuff I would have come out ahead financially, but I'd be with one camera. By keeping the D70 and adding the D1H I have two cameras, which includes a more durable pro body with speed. The D1H will be my action shot camera, with the D70 as backup and a second lens. I've been worried about how many shots I've put on my D70 (don't know if that's causing the intermittent problem of the camera refusing to turn of or not) since it's not a pro durability camera yet I've been using it as such. Since getting the D70 in mid-June I'd estimate I've done about 1,000 shots a week. This way I can send the camera in for repairs if needed and not have to worry about being without a good camera. If I went with the 20D my emergency spare would be my Minolta Z1 which has focusing issues and stinks at indoor sports shooting.
If I was starting from scratch, I would probably go with Canon because of the relative value compared to Nikon and better technology (esp. in regards to noise levels at high ISO). I know of photographers both on this forum and in person who have Canon as personal gear but are stuck with Nikon gear at work. However, some of these people I asked told me the D1H was a great camera and it's not like one maker produces garbage at all.
I realize the D1H is somewhat old technology, especially in regards to MP and battery, but it does have good speed plus having to constantly fill the frame will hopefully improve my photography skills since I can't rely too much on cropping. :|
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