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The reviewof this camera on luminous landscape indicates that the sensor had noticable dust after only one day of shooting. This statementconfused me, for I have never had to clean my Olympus E-1's CCD,partially due to its vibration system.I realize thatcarelessness canbe a factor, but the reviewer actedlike this was a common thing. I assume dust can only get in with a lens change.With proper careand with average use, how often should the CMOS really need cleaning? Thanks, Tom Roberts

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How much dust you get will depend a lot on you.

How do you change it? Do you keep it tilted down when you remove the lens? Do you leave the lens off the camera for a long time? Do you forget to turn the camera off before changing the lens?

Where do you change it? In a special bag? In your car? In the field no mater where you are, like on a beach?

Dust will eventually happen. In some cases, they will be too small to effect the camera. In other cases it will be big things.

I don't believe the 1D Mk2 is any more or less susceptible to dust than most cameras.

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