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NHL wrote:
If you are using with the E-TTL flash also set the DRebel on manual -> this will achieve two(2) purposes:
1. You can control both the shutter and the aperture
2. The flash metering will change to center-weighted metering
I am using an old Nikon flash in manual mode, so E-TTL is right out (thank goodness!). The camera is on (M)anual, but I wanted to know what speeds and apertures people are using for portraits when using strobes. Is there an advantage to having a faster shutter speed besides freezing the motion? Etc...

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A flash pulse is usually short enough to freeze any action, so a slower shutter and larger aperture combination are mostly used to allow ambient light to fill-in

-> this is when a picture becomes yellowish or blurry because the effect of ambient light and not from the flash...
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I have the Wein Safe sync filter - but have Not used it for the 300D - I first tried it with 2 older Sunpaks, & since they areNOT E-TTL, they won't work with the 300D! I kept the WSSF for use with my Elan 7, & have used the Sunpak 522 sucessfully with it!

I have access to a studio strobe setup, but it is at a friend's studio & he uses it more for Digital Video production now than stills.
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I have a portrait studio and I used a 300D with my manual studio strobes for 4 months before I got my 20D.
Did you notice a big difference going from 300D to 20D? I am thinking about the 20D as my second camera.

Ihave tried lots of different equipment and lighting seems to have the biggest impact on photos. The Joesauction?? wireless triggers are great for the price.

I started out with a 420EX, thought about getting a 550EX or Sigma, but baught an AB800 instead. I now have 2 AB800's and have on order 2 AB400's for backlighting /hairlighting and to colorize seamless white backgounds. I love the creativity I have found with learning light. I keep my 420EX, but I never use on camera flash anymore.

I also agree, I have not had good success mixing 420EX with studio strobes. Mainly because you have no real control over light output from 420ex. Also, because I shoot too fast for batteries to keep up, strobes are so much faster and reliable.
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Hello, I just bought my black DREBEL. Just like with my G5, put your wein safe sync on your hotshoe / put your camera in manual mode / set your shutter & aperature speeds to desired setting / and fire away . Worked great with my G5 and just tried it with my new Black DREBEL. Have fun !
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Well, I ended up selling my Canon 420EX and purchasing a Sigma EF-500 DG SUPER (as suggested by NHL). I got my setup to work with an old manual Nikon flash, but I wanted to have one flash that worked with both my strobes and E-TTL. It should be here next week, so I will post my results once I test it out.

Thanks again for all of the replies and suggestions!

- Craig
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