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I am looking for a book for my wife, which takes her right from the basics of F-stops, shutter speeds and ISOs through to taking good quality, well composed pictures.

It needs to be from a digital perspective.

The reason is, she was always good with the G3, and hd some fun. I upgraded to the 20D recently and she feels out of her depth.

Despite the 'auto' mode doing most of what she wants, she wants to understand the basics and then how to put them together. She was stunned when I whacked up the ISO the other day and started taking fantastic natural shots of our kids indoors without a flash yet couldn't understand how I did it, nor could I explain it to her adequately (have you ever tried explaining something like that to your non-technical wife?)

So, something for the complete photography novice please...
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I'm in a bit of a rush, so I'm not going to give yo ua direct answer.

search for the word "basic" or "simple" (or similar things) in the general and newbie section of this forum. This question comes up every few months, so I'm sure you'll find hits.

Oh, try searching on "book" too.

You might try your local library for any of the natural geographic series of books. They do a large variety of topics, including general photography (and specific areas of photography as well.) I've heard good things about them.

Another point. There is nothing different about digital and film photography for the basics. depth-of-field, aperture, shutter, ISO... all those things are exactly the same. So don't run away from a good film book.

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I will recommend 'John Hedcoes New Book of Photography' to start with. Although this book deals mostly with film photography, it is recommend here because the only difference between a film SLR and Digital SLR is how we record the image. The rules of photography have not changed simply because we are capturing the image in a ditial manner instead of an analog manner. I would highly recommend it to your wife.

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I own that book ('John Hedcoes New Book of Photography'), and as WJL says, it is a good, straightforward book that introduces the reader to all the basic concepts that you're talking about.

I have been digital for a few years (my first cameras were the Canon Elph, and then the G3), butwas newto SLR photography when I bought my Rebel last fall. I found this book to be really helpful as a basicintroduction to f stops, ISO, depth of field, etc. It's little and inexpensive, too.

Still, nothing has taught me more than going out and playing with the camera settings.

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I recommend this book:

Understanding Exposure: How to Shoot Great Photographs with a Film or Digital Camera by Bryan F. Peterson

It's easy to read, has tons of full color compararsion photos and really explains aparture, shutter speed, and ISO well. The book also shows you different techniques to use in different lighting situations. I bought a canon digital rebel and it was my first non point and shoot camera. I had very little knowledge of exposure until I read this book. So now I am able to experiment with and practice taking pictures in manual mode.
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Great guys - thanks for all your help.

I have ordered a couple of National Geographic books, and will look into the others!
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