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The upper leaf looks like it's in focus to me... and the camera kind of angle downward.
i.e. the bottom is further away and shot at quite close of a distance (the area of focus is an arc in relation to the camera)

Closing down the aperture like PeterP have suggested will bring more things into focus...
There's nothing wrong with this lens or the camera :idea:
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I have the same out of focus pics with sigma 28-105 2.8 with my rebel not all pics but a lot and dont foget to check the minimum focus rage for your lens:sad:
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Here is the other example:

The focus was supposed to be on the red figure. Apperantly it's not there. The depth of the field should be fine even if the focus point is missed because there is 1.6 coefficient to multiple the focal lenth by. Apperture is f8 that makes depth of the field more than enough for the sharp image.

What's even worth there is some fridge or contour around the figure in red.

So I was wondering are there any articles/recommendation about the issue or is smth wrong with my camera/lens.
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Dude, seriously - the leaves in the centre of the frame are in sharp focus.

If you shot this raw - could you show us where the camera actually focussed? In DPP it will actually show you because the AF point is written into the EXIF data. I suspect it was on the leaves centre-frame.

Secondly - the figure in red IS within a reasonable DOF. What you see at 100% magnification in photoshop is pretty much irrelevant.

What does the print look like? Have you done any sharpening in PS?

Here is a version sharpened for web output. You can do similar sharpening for print output.

I agree with NHL - IMO there's nothing wrong with camera or lens.

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