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After reading all of the reviews and many of the forum comments (300D vs D70) today I finally took the plunge and bought a Black Digital Rebel:G. I decided it was just plain stupid to continue agonizing over the choice :?when both are fine cameras and I could be out shooting. It's dumb to worry about tiny details I will probably never bump into. By the time I do it will be time for the 30D:-).

I am upgrading from a Sony 717. It was a decent camera but noisy in low light situations. I can't see why anyone would buy a prosumer fixed lens camera, certainly not the Sony 828, now that the Rebel (DSLR) is available for under $1000.

Personally, I think the Canon takes slightly better pictures than the D70. I can't wait to take some night shots with it. I like the layout of the controls better as well. The lower price was a bonus that helped pay for the mandatory extras - 2nd battery, etc.What pushed me over the line I guess (go ahead and make fun of me) was the black body. If you like a tool you will use it more often. Given a choice my guess is that most people prefer black bodies regardless of make and model.

It was very hard to find a Black Body Rebel. Here in CA I checked CircuitCity, Best Buy and Frys. None of them were carrying it and had no idea when or if they might. I called BuyDig.com and B&H Photo (my first choice) but neither was stocking it. Hmm... what to do? Then someone mentioned Wolf/Ritz. Not my favorite store. But they had plenty of them and are sort of reputable. Did they buy them all up?

Ritz wanted $999 (withkit lens)before the rebate. The physical store said that Black Digital Rebels were a special order from the warehouse. It would take 3 days and I would have to pay sales tax. Hmm... so I called their web site store and they also had plenty in stock. Their price was also $999 but no sales tax and free shipping (about 3 days). So I closed my eyes,bit my lip and bought it from Ritz for $999. The woman was very pleasant and there was no pressure to buy anything else.

Now, of course,someone is going to tell me that store A has them for $699 in stock before rebate with free shipping and all sorts of extras! :-) I am just going to forget where I bought it and what I paid and just enjoy the camera.

The way I see it although the Rebel may not have the full manual adjustability of the D70 it is still a great camera that I can grow with. In two years I will have collected a few EF lens and will be ready for the next latest, greatest Canon body.
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Yep, enjoy the camera - you will love it. And you are correct - forget where you bought it and what you paid. It's like buying a computer - there will be a better model cheaper than what you paid in a couple months. But those are a couple months you'll get some enjoyment out of your new toy!!
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