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Hello all, I have a question... may seem a bit off the subject, but I don't think it is once you read on.

I am getting ready to purchase the 20D... looking up the 580 flash, wireless remote, battery grip, picking out lenses,leaning toward the 17-40 f2.8L, 24-70 f2.8L, and maybe the 70-200 f2.8Lfor the 20D. This is my high side of the plananyway. (looking at way more money than I would have imagined)

I have been digesting your posts, getting LOTS of info (very helpful), but I would like your insight on a question coming to mind...

Sigma 10.2MP SD-10 $1599.99 (kit with two lenses and remote)

Model: JV900 [*]10.2MP [/*][*]Foveon X3 image sensor [/*][*]18-50mm lens [/*][*]55-200mm lens [/*][*]Remote control [/*][*]Professional grade[/*]
I know... it is not a canon... but I am selling a house and getting ready to put alot of money into my dream camera system, and it is a one time shot... and I am a little confused here... if the sigma lenses are so good, and high rated bymany on this site, what about the sigma camera???? I don't want to pass it over just becauseit is not a canon.

I am ok with the 1.6 ratio on the canon 20d (not crazy about it)... but I don't want to be trapped on down the road because of lenses... which means buying EF lenses, no EF-s lenses. Which also means limited wide angle shots... and I LOVE wide angle ability.

I am looking to keep a camera for a long time (maybe upgrade after5+ years), and hopefully get all the lenses I need with it right now, that I can use on future models... the whole package. I am upgrading from an oly 3040.I love what I read about the 20d.. eventried out the 10d and loved it.

I plan to photograph horses, family, animals...etc. Iamcertainly no where near proby anymeans... just a hobby right now, but I would like to move toward pet photography.

I do recall doing research onthe sigmaa little while back, and liking most everything I read... alot, but was afraid of it because I didn't know the brand that well, or how long it would be around. Now that I read so many good things about that brand oflenses, and see that they look as if they have been and will be around for a while, what about their camera? Is it worth consideration?

Does anyone know anything about this camera verses the 20d?

Thanks in advance for any insight here...

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I do not know about the Sigma camera itself, but I think it uses its own lens mount, so you may be stuck buying only Sigma brand lenses. I do not think other makers like Tamron and Tokina make any in a Sigma mount.

This is something to check out, as I am not completely positive this is the case, but if so would limit your choices.

Other than that I have only seen the advertisements for the Sigma cameras, no real world experience.
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Rico1Bad wrote:
I am ok with the 1.6 ratio on the canon 20d (not crazy about it)... but I don't want to be trapped on down the road because of lenses... which means buying EF lenses, no EF-s lenses. Which also means limited wide angle shots... and I LOVE wide angle ability.

The Sigma SD-10 has a crop factor that's worse than the Canon EOS-20D. The Sigma's is 1.7 (so if you like wide angle, you'll need even wider lenses to get the same 35mm equivalent focal length from an angle of view perspective with the SD-10).

BTW, you won'tsee a 10 Megapixel Image from this model. It's maximum image size is 2268x1512 (3.34 Megapixels). Basically, it's got a very unique sensor design that has separatephotosites for Red, Green, and Blue (arranged in a stack in the sensor at different depths), for each of the 3.34 Million Pixels it produces (so, you have ~10 Million photosites, but only 3.34 Million Pixels in the final image it produces).

Now, because of the differences between typical Bayer type sensors used in most models (where color is computed by interpolating values from surrounding pixels), the Sigma does produce more detail than it's 3.34 Megapixel Image size would lead you to believe. On resolution charts, it tests about the same as many of the 6 Megapixel models (and how well it tests is very controversial, since resolution charts are in black and white).

Something else you may want to be aware of, is that it will not shoot in JPEG (you must shoot in RAW and convert the files to another format later).

The Sigma is also a relatively slow camera compared to other DSLR models in it's price range, if speed is a concern.

As for lenses,if you buy a Canon, you can find lenses from Sigma, Tokina, Tamron and Canon for it (third party manufacturers like Sigma offer the same lenses in multiple mounts). For example, you can get the same lenses you see packaged with the SD-10 above in a Canon mount:

But, with the Sigma SD-10, you'd be limited to lenses offered by Sigma only.

Now, this camera does have it's advantages. Many users really love it's color detail. Steve has a review of it here (make sure to read the conclusion section, where he discusses strengths and weaknesses):


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thank you for the reply, and I did look up the review as you suggested, and wow, I should have went and read the review instead of going off what I thought I remembered about what I read a while back. The 20D will definately be my final decision... now on with the rest of the decision making... lenses... sigh. But I have time to figure it all out before I jump. Thanks for the help..

I am so excited about the 20d and can hardly wait to get it all settled and in my hands! I just hope Ipick outthe right stuff to go with it, probably won't have the chance again to make this sort of purchase, so I want to cover all the bases.

I bet there will be more lense questions as time goes on.. but for now THANKS!
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Personally I love the 70-200L IS USM lens, where possible I use it the most! I think it's far better than the 100-400 f4-5.6 L IS USM, which I also have!

I'm a pure novice and manage to get track side for bike racing, if you want some examples of the 20D and the 70-200, go here:-


Yes, it's a blatent plug for my site but if you look at the latest Track Day, there are some good (and bad) pictures but will give you an idea of the camera/lens.

Hope this helps,
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