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Have had mine 300D for about 2 weeks now.About a week ago i spotted a violet spot in all my shots.I thought it was the new lens i had,but after changing back to the original kit lens i found the same.Im attaching part of an image.What i would like to know is has my sensor developed a fault or is it dirty?I have tried cleaning it,but im no expert.

Thanks for the help

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It looks to me like you have a stuck pixel... You can try getting it changed but its not often possible as this sometimes happens with the digital range. Try contacting Canon... Good luck
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I'd try for an exchange through the storefirst as it was a recent purchase.

Failing that, Canon service should at minimum be able to map that/those pixel(s) out via a software change -- then they wouldn't be noticable in the picture.
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Old Dec 3, 2004, 8:08 PM   #4
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Had the camera changed today at the store i got it from.They have had lots of dead/stuck pixels on the 300D.I also changed my kit lens as the one i had was faulty,the new one is less faulty but still produces "rainbow" rings around any light source.It seems canon have big problems with the build quality/quality control.

The flash when closed has about 2mm of movement on this new body.

I have to change it again ! I've had it with them.I'm thinking of returning it and getting the 20D anyone had any problems with that one?
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Unfortunately I am starting to hear reports like this more frequently. My 300D was an "early" one from this March and haven't had your problems. I think the release of the 20Dand the discounts on the 300D have pushed their QC people too hard.

I have an early 20D (Sept) and no problems at all. Two totally different cameras. The 20D is my idea of a low end Pro. It's making me money so I guess it is OK.
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