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Old Dec 9, 2004, 2:04 AM   #1
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Im looking to buy the Rebel . Is the kit lens (18-55EF-S that approximates a 28-90mm zoom) a quality lens or would I be better to get a 28-105 lens.? I have looked thru the topica and seem to get the impression it is a lower quality lesn to get you up and going. thanks marc
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hey marc...

your text is black, lol, so the people using the black background can't see it it's best to use the default color because it changes from scheme to scheme...

anyway...you're asking if the kit lens is high quality, i will tell you

the lens itself isn't amazing...it's kinda plastic-y, and feels cheap, but, i've gotten some good results (check out my three latest threads to see those results (click my name, then profile, from there click threads and you'll see my three latest..))

hope this helps

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Old Dec 9, 2004, 2:57 AM   #3
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it apperars red on my screen. Im not to swift at these things. Marc
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Old Dec 9, 2004, 4:22 AM   #4
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If you are thinking about getting a new Digital Rebel be sure to look into the rebates. If you got the 28-135 IS USM and for example the 50mm f/1.4 you could get something like 390.00 in rebates from Canon.
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Old Dec 9, 2004, 8:17 AM   #5
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Mr Brackhahn has the best approach so far. Fight the temptation to get the 'kit' lens. It is OK but not much more. It is definately a "starter" lens and you will probably abandon it in a short time.

I use my 28/135IS at least 90% of the time. It has made me a lot of money this year. The 50mm is a great "back-up" lens that can get you out of low light situations.

His advice is 'right on'.
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Old Dec 10, 2004, 9:36 AM   #6
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The kit lens is not super but Ive got some great results out of it. I also got a 90-300 canon lens with the deal when I got the camera. Im very happy with the results from both but would like to get more lenses some time in the future when money is more plentiful:-)
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Old Dec 11, 2004, 7:14 PM   #7
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I have to say I was swayed by some members like Setiprime and Gibsonpd when I bought my D-Rebel and bought the 28-135 rather than the kit lense. I have been extremely happy with the lense. It has a terrific range that has made it a perfect walk-around lense and the IS has been helpful. Not having the kit lense, I can't tell you if it's bad or not - but let's face it, it's a <$100 zoom. It seems everyone I've heard from that has had their D-Rebel for 8 months or more ends up getting some other lense (or 2) that covers the same range. If you can swing the $400 I say go for the 28-135!
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Old Dec 12, 2004, 1:14 AM   #8
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Also consider the EF 50II. It's very inexpensive (around $75) but fast (f1.8). It's cheaply built but is terrific for low light work and makes a wonderful low cost portrait lens. Just ordered one for my 20D for doing baby pictures without flash. Very short Depth of Field for blurred backgrounds.
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Old Dec 13, 2004, 12:26 PM   #9
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I had the Rebel and liked it very much. I did purchase it with the kit lens, which I also found to be mediocre, but I think it made it a lot easier to sell the camera when I decided to upgrade to the 20D.

I think having the kit lens is nice for ease of resale, if for no other reason. The Rebel is an entry level DSLR, and people who will be purchasing it used will be more apt to purchase a camera with a lens. IMHO.

I recently sold my Rebelw/kit lens and all the original packaging and software (minus the charger because I don't care for the one that comes with the 20D) for $725 on Ebay. Amazing, ay? Can't you get it new for that these days? Anyway, I think selling it with the lens helped.

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Old Dec 13, 2004, 1:26 PM   #10
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I purchased both the 18-55 and the 55-200 lens with my digital Rebel and have taken absolutely great shots with both. I also purchased the 50 1.8 and have compared photos between them and can't see a big difference. Yes, the 50 1.8 is faster and sharper but the convience of zoom for me is more important.

the 18-55 focuses pretty fast and quite, plus the wide angle is thelowest pricedyou can get. So what, it doesn't have a metal ring mount it's super light.... for $100 bucks I would definately recommend it.

In comparing the 18-55 to the 28-135 IS, they are both variable aperture 3.5/5.6 and neither are L. I do not like the aperture changing as I zoom out. I also do not need IS because I have a good tripod which I use even in good lighting and just purchased the Canon 580ex flash which is great on Drebel.

I would get the 18-55 and the 70-200 F4L (now thats a real lens).

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