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At a local store (nameless) this week there was a Canon digital camera rep. He didn't seem like the typical "I just got this job this week" type - he SEEMED at least to know his stuff.

He indicated in a round about way, that a replacement for the Digital Rebel is close at hand, stopping short of saying it exactly. He then clammed up saying, "Nope, I've said too much already". This of course being the height of the Xmas shopping season, I'm sure Canon is wanting to squeeze every last D-Rebel penny out of consumers they can before announcing anything new.

Ok now it's logical to assume that since the D-Rebel is over a year old and is/was a huge success, Canon is going to continue with future models, but Steeeeeeveeeeee.... do you know *anything* at all? Toss us a bone if you do. :?
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As Seargant Schultz used to say "I know nothing, nothing."

Canon keeps new product announcements close to the vest and it's too early to hear any PMA 2005 news but it's coming up in Feb and we'll be getting info in January so you won't have to wait too long. I expect a whole wave of new cameras to be announced at PMAthis year as Canon still intends to overtake Sony in sales of digicams worldwide.

I think all Canon needs to do is drop the price of the Digital Rebel to say $699 and just keep making them, a lot more of them. They've already sold about 4 million of them...
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Well during my prodding of the rep, I did say something along the lines of, "It would be nice if the next version of the Rebel had a black body as standard, and oh, 7 megapixels". He just kind of rocked on his heels and slightly smiled and said, "Yes, that will be nice, won't it?"... as if I got a double bingo with that guess.

I agree with you that they SHOULD lower the price so they'll fly off the shelves, but I somehow don't think that'll happen as they're already flying off shelves even after being over a year old. I'm "guessing" that just like the D60, they'll just stop production/shipping on it at some point without warning, and allow stock to run out at stores at nearly full price, then, announce the new version. Again, that's fully a guess on my part but it seems to be Canon's trend in the past.

D-Rebel II. Hmmmm... might start saving my pennies. That 10D gets awfully heavy around the neck aftera few hours. LOL I was going to splurge on a G6 as a secondary camera for myself for Xmas this year, but once you go DSLR, it's dang hard to do anything lower. It's like having a super smart dog for your first dog... after that, anything else just looks like a regular mutt. :G
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Hey Steve, should that be sergeant or do they spell it differently in German?
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IF indeed they replace the 300D.

#1. Drop the Name Digital Rebel

#2. Black Body - to begin with

#3. 8.2 MP minimum

#4. Larger Buffer for sure!

#5. Faster start-up time.

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