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Don't worry... :-) :-) :-)

I'm just wondering aloud on why theses lenses / cameras can become "non-interchangeable" all of a sudden with the switch to digital
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Well, I got back to my friend and asked for some clarification and didn't get any. So, I'm going to admit I made a mistake in stating something I wasn't sure of and I'm going to forget I ever said it... and want you to forget it too.

So much for quoting someone - don't do it unless you know what they say to be verifiable!

In any case, NHL, your statements make sense and I agree with you.
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20D out of focus! "Blurry" and "soft" are nice words for an expensive camera that is not focusing correctly. I've shot hundreds of pictures using the Canon 24-70mm 2.8 lens.I tried different techniques, modes, tripods etc. and my pictures are not clearly focused - it is not a sharpness issue. All the sharpening software in the world will not correct focus. This seems to be a serious complaint from numerous users who were counting on producing superior, sharp quality pictures Canon is famous for.

I came across this analysis in another forum. This is exactly the problem I am experiencing. Wide angle shots notfocused. Depth-of-field has yet to impress me.I sure hope there is a software fix for the inaccurate focus issue.


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I agree with Geoff's comments above. I have disassembled a canon Digital Rebel and removed the IR cut filter and replaced it with a clear glass window for infrared/astrophotography. In the process, I had to return the camera's focus to that of the pre-modification camera.I found that the camera had spacers that Canon mostly likely uses to set the focus. There is a picture of the spacers (see Step #31) on my site at:


I think these spacers set the course focus adjustment when the camera is being assembled. I have heard from others that have done the modification that the number of spacers used varies between cameras. I have a Rebel and 10D and both also have an Autofocus adjustment screw for fine tuning the focus. For the location of the AF adjustment screw see:


My guess would be thatsince the Rebel and 10D are so similar inside, that the 20D would also have the spacers and AF adjustment screw. Tolook for theAF screw the camera needs to be put in the "Sensor Clean" mode. The canon service shop most likely does a focus test andmakes the necessary adjustment to the AF screw to perfect the focus. This is something a user could dobut definitely best to have Canon do it under warranty.


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lherndon, there is a big difference between "blurry" and "soft". Soft means it can take sharpening and will look good. Blurry means it isn't in focus and there is nothing you can do.

The 20D's pictures are softer than the 10D (I own/owned both cameras) but the 20D's can take more sharpening before it starts to look bad. So you can produce some very nice pictures from the 20D, eventhough they start off soft.

My guess is this is probably due to a more aggressive anti-aliasing filter.

I'm not saying that there is or isn't something wrong with your camera. I'm just saying that your anger/frustration is causing you to give different meaning to words than others give them.

Personally, I think part of how Canon is able to sell their cameras at so low a price is they are cutting quality control some. Just my opinion, no way to actually know.

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