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I've posted in 'What camera should I get' as I was thinking of getting a oly 5060 or a Nikon 5700. I'm now looking at older models more seriously as it seems I can pick something up for the same price as the more modern models and have a quality product albeit a bit older.It seems like an older dslr like the Olympus E-10 or the Canon D30 would be a good place to go.
Does anyone have a view on the D30 or any other cameras I should look out for? My slight concern is that I would like to take a lot of Macro shots so I'm worried I'll have to spend more to be able to do this. I can get a 30D body for around £380 so how much would I have to spend on lenses for general use and Macro?
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Canon makes several good Macro lenses (As does Sigma, that fit Canon bodies.)

Macro lenses are not cheap, though. Their quality is amazing, so don't write them off just by cost.

One huge advantage that some Nikons have is "best shot selector". I know a part-time pro who prefers doing macro with that becuase it pics the sharpest picture automatically. He prefers this to doing macro with his Fuji S2 Pro (a Nikon-based SLR.)

The Canon D30 was a good camera in its day. I would stay away from the D60, as I recall it had some auto-focus issues which (if I recall correctly) were more design related and not fixable.

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If you don't need the most recent, the 10d is
still available new, and for a reasonable price.
I love mine, and have no plans of moving up any
time soon. The focus system seems to work well,
and in general i find working with it to be a
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I have a D30 but don't do macro work. What I can say is that you'd be buying into the Canon EOS system with lenses so you'd want to at least get good glass for it. My two lenses Canon 17-40L f/4 and Sigma 70-200 f/2.8 were both almost twice as much as the D30 body. But I will be upgrading to the 10D soon and will just move my D30 to backup status.

One other camera to consider is a Panasonic FZ-20. It has a nice 12X Leica lens and seems to do excellent macro work.
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I also have a D30. It's been a wonderfull camera to learn on. I have a Tokina AT-X 242AF that I use at the moment.I always hear the saying that photography is 90% user and 10% equipment. This being said, sure the D30 may not be the fastest nor does itproduce the largest images; but it is not shoddy by any measure. I have learned to work around it's weekneses and I know that when I upgrade to a 20D or higher in the future I'll be a better photographer for it. All in all it performs great considering I didn't pay $1000 plus for it. I think it's forcedME to learn to take photographs instead of relying on all of the bells and whistles and let the camera take photographs. I say go for it, but I agree with srvsd. Get good glass. It will follow you to your next camera and you'll be glad you made a wise investment.
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