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Stupid newbie question about DOF on the drebel... I can compose the shot in manual mode and get the iso/shutter/etc settings that I want for the shot. When I press the DOF button, nothing changes in the viewfinder except the image gets darker. Checking the manuall quickly doesnt really explain how to use the function for taking shots. I'm coming from a mostly P/S backround and im slowly relearning all about the settings that most cheaper cameras could only hope for . If it matters, I was using a 50mm f/1.8 lens at the time, I havent messed with the kit lens much yet.

Does anyone have any good links or book recommendations learning about exposure/light settings?

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I short answer to this question is here.


I think the image is darker becuase of the aperture and the viewfinder might be a bit small to see the DOF well. I could be wrong though
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the DOF preview button, does what it says

it let's you preview the DOF...

basically, what it does, is it stops down to the arperture you had picked (it's always wide open, until you shoot)
if you have the arperture set at it's largest (kit lens at18mm would be f3.5) then it won't make a difference when you hit the button..

you have to look close, but when you stop down, you'll see the other parts of the picture begin to be sharper...you can test this by setting the camera up on a tripod, and line up your shot of a ruler, when you preview with smaller arpertures (f16, f22) you'll see more of the ruler in focus than when you let go of the button...

it gets darker, because it's making the arperture hole smaller, in turn limiting the light that gets to your eye

hope this helps!

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The New Jersey flash - does it again !! Right on.
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As a side note, I find the view finder on the 10D and 20D ( and I assume the DRebel) to be inherently too dark to really see the results of the DOF Preview button well.

I know it does something. The image does change... but the rarely can really see the difference enough to use the information to my advantage.

My guess is you are in the same situation.

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I tend to come to the same conclusion that Eric has come to. Yes, the viewfinder does darken to show the stopped down aperture, but it is very difficult to really make out the extent of the DOF as a result. So I don't use it.
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lol, maybe it's my young eyes, but i usually can see the difference...i don't think i've gone to f22 yet though!

and, it probably has to do with the situation too...

i used it once to actually effect the picture...and it was my seed pod shot in the closeups forum, and i used it to see if the seed pod would be in the DOF...

it was very close, the ends were just out, lol, but i used the preview button :?

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