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Default Canon EOS D-60 Metering Modes

Canon EOS D-60 Metering Modes:

I’m a tad confused by two of the D-60’s three metering modes: Evaluative and Center-Weighted Average, since they have much in common.

Can any D-60 users out there give examples of what you use each mode for? The more examples the better.

Many thanks.

M i k e
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For most situations the evaluative metering is accurate.

If your subject is much darker than the rest of the frame, as in a backlit subject, for example, the evaluative metering will be heavily influenced by the background, causing the subject to be underexposed.

If you used spot metering (the closest you can come to that with the D30/60 is Partial metering,) and expose for your subject, your subject will be exposed right but the sky or background will be washed out (overexposed.)

Using the Centerweighted Averaging, your meter will measure the subject but also include more of the background. This will reduce the exposure of your subject somewhat, but also preserve more of the background color and detail. It is a compromise between spot and evaluative metering.

If you set an aperture in Av mode, (f/8,say) and pointed the spot at your subject, you would get a certain shutterspeed. If you kept the same aperture but pointed the camera at the brighter background, you would get a higher shutterspeed. The centerweighted averaging mode would actually give you a shutterspeed between the two, leaning more toward the one for your subject alone..

With any of these exposure modes, you have to look for areas of the background and your subject that are particularly bright or dark, and bracket yor exposure. Examine the results, particularly the histograms, and you will soon learn how to set exposure compensation for brighter or darker areas in your image.

This is an oversimplication of the process of measuring the light in the frame, but you do have to remember that the meter cannot figure out what to do about the range of contrast in the scene unless you tell it by selecting the exposure mode and/or choosing the level of exposure compensation, if any.

Hope I didn't make you more confused...
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Hello I am new to this forum, and a bit nervous. (I'm a far cry from knowledgable!)

I have been using a D30 for almost a year. (just placed my order for a D60 though!!) I did a number of experiments with the metering modes early on, and gave up because I couldn't make out any diferances. (it's very possible my testing wasn't thurough enough)

From what I see in your reply WalterK, I think I know why now (?) I always use Manual Exposure mode, and set my own shutter speed and aperture value.

It sounds like metering does not function when in Manual Exposure Mode?

The User's Guide basically says that Evaluative Metering is the default, and the other two metering modes (PM & CWAM) can only be sellected in the "Creative Zone", and it lists Manual as part of this zone. (which implies that they function in all of these modes)

It's been a while since I tried to test metering, but as I recall, most of the testing I did was indoors with no real forground/background involved (items on the walll mostly).

Do you think that's where I went wrong? or does it have no function in manual exposure mode? :?

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