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Ive noticed that when I take a picture in manual mode that the exposure bar is all the way at -2 and I cant figure out how to move it back to 0. This only happens in M mode.. if I use Av or Tv it seems to be set back to 0. the ISO was at 100 , the shuutter was at 1/125 and the fstop was at 8.0. If i take a picture in a room with plenty of light.. the picture is very dark.. If I pop the flash and retake the shot it comes up fine. What am I doing wrong here?

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The only thing I can think of is to adjust the shutter speed or aparture until it gets to 0.
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You can move it back to 0 by adjusting the shutter and aperture values until it reaches the center. In manual mode, the exposure bar gives you an idea on where the camera thinks the settings should be in order for a correct exposure. The room you think has plenty of light doesn't have nearly enough for those settings, they would have worked fine at ISO 800 maybe or outdoors, but not inside at ISO100. When you use a flash, it doesn't really matter, what your shutter is set to, the flash speed is a lot faster than you would use, so your subject will almost always be lit properly, it's the background that will look different with different shutter speeds.
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The -2 is telling you you're going to under expose your photo, you need to either use a slower shutter speed, a wider aperture or increase the ISO to 400,800 or higher.

If the bar shows a + figure then you do the opposite to the above.

Hope this helps.


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Everyone's responses are, of course, exactly right. But here's a little more elaboration that may (perhaps) help you understand the problem:

In the other modes you mentioned, the camera gives you "power" to adjust one setting -- either the shutter speed (in Tv mode) or the aperature (Av mode). It then calculates proper exposure (if it can) by adjusting the other setting (the aperature in Tv mode or the shutter speed in Av mode) to get to the "0" mark. So, perhaps, in your example, if you were using Av mode and had the aperature set at f/8, the camera may have calculated, to get proper exposure, that the shutter speed needed to be 1/4". But when you go in full manual mode, you're telling the camera "I want to control both the shutter speed and f-stop; I don't care whether you think it's properly exposed or not." By flashing -2, the camera's telling you "with these settings, it's going to be too dark!" So you can either (1) adjust the f-stop or shutter speed, or (2) take a really dark picture.

As was mentioned above, 1/125" and f/8 with ISO 100 is rarely, if ever, going to produce a well-exposed picture indoors... our eyes fool us into thinking there is enough light (because we have auto aperatures in our eyes -- the iris opens up indoors so that we can see... it stops down outdoors so that our corneas aren't burned up by the sun...) but (1) our cameras aren't as sensitive to light and (2) we have to adjust its iris ourselves. Just as our pupils are much bigger indoors; our camera's "pupil" must be, too (or we have to electronically enhance the amount of light that the sensor sees by boosting the ISO or drastically increase the amount of time that the sensor sees the light by leaving the shutter open longer). Your flash can drastically boost the amount of light in the scene, allowing those settings to be appropriate indoors.

Hope this all helps. Good luck


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