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Nancy Gabby Jan 2, 2005 7:28 PM

Hello everyone in this forum. I currently own a Panasonic FZ20 and while it is ok, I am looking to get something better. I had a Fuji S2 for a bit and it was ok. One of the cons listed in Digital Photography magazine is that the image is slightly shifted to the left from the image you see in the viewfinder. I was just wondering how noticeable it is and if anyone finds it to be a problem. And also if you use alarger tele, does that increase the problem? Also any other qualms about the camera would be greatly appreciated, thank you all in advance, Nancy.

Mr_Saginaw Jan 2, 2005 8:17 PM

hmmmm... sounds like a parallax view issue that you have with any view finder that doesn't use the lens that is actually taking the picture... You don't have this problem (or at leas t shouldn't unless something is wrong with the camera) when using an SLR since the the view finder is going through the lens that takes the picture.. None SLR viewfinders commonly have "correction" lines for this parallax problem...

I've had my 20D for a couple of weeks now after shooting a DRebel for a year... The 20D is fantastic!


Nancy Gabby Jan 3, 2005 1:48 AM

Hi John, When I had my Fuji S2, when I took a picture with it, looking thru the viewfinder wasn't exactly what I got. Let's say I wrote a sentence in large letters, and perfectly framed the sentence so in the viewfinder the first letter of the first letter of the first word was at the far left, and the last letter of the last word was at the far right. When I took the picture and previewed it on the LCD, I believe the end of the sentence was truncated. So with the S2 I constantly had to frame the photo and then move my camera a bit to the right, or just take a wide enough shot so I could crop later. Both of these things were a pain. So.... you are saying you wouldn't have the problem with the 20D? The reason that I ask is because in the January 2005 issue of Popular Photography on p.40 they have a "what's hot" column followed by a "what's not" column". In the "what's not" column, the last thing listed is: "image shifted slightly to left". This is why I brought up the question to this forum to see what everyone was experiencing. And I know I am being so bold as to assume this "image shift" was the same thing I was experiencing with my former S2. Also I was wondering if different lenses would make this shift seem greater.So you aren't experiencing any image shift???

Mr_Saginaw Jan 3, 2005 4:58 AM

Hmmmm... interesting. I have to honestly say I haven't paid that close of attention.On most typical SLRs (digital & film) the viewfinder only shows about 95% to maybe 98% of what is actually captured... So when I compose a picture in the viewfinder I always have a little bit extra around the edges... I guess I never really looked to see if that 95% that I see through the viewfinder is actually centered in the final image... guess I'll be doing some testing tonight! LOL! I'll let you know what I find! :|


Nancy Gabby Jan 3, 2005 5:47 AM

thanks, John, I really appreciate it!:cool:

eric s Jan 3, 2005 9:26 AM

The view finder on the S2 Pro is only a 92% coverage of the actual frame (based on the review on So this would account for some of what happened. I would have expected it to be the middle 92% though, so that is odd.

I know someone who has a S2 Pro, I'll mail him and ask if he has seen the problem with his. Personally, I would consider this defective... but that doesn't mean I'm right. :)

As to the 20D. I upgraded from the 10D and I like it. It isn't perfect, and there are a few little things I prefer in the 10D. But overall I'm very happy with it.

My biggest complaint is that I seem to be seeing a slight blue tint to my RAW conversions. I don't know if this is a problem with the Adobe raw converter (it's in beta still) or the camera, or just that my technique (that evolved from the 10D) isn't exactly right for the 20D. I need to look into this a bit more, but haven't had the time. I've just been fixing it in curves and not worrying too much about it (that and I've been sick so I haven't taken a lot of pictures.)

I am not a fan of the three stage on-off button. I've never needed to disable the wheel on the back of the 10D so being able to do it with the 20D doesn't help either. Now I just have to flip the switch further every time I turn it on. Picky, I know. But I'm a picky person.


geoffs Jan 3, 2005 9:53 AM

eric s wrote:

I am not a fan of the three stage on-off button. I've never needed to disable the wheel on the back of the 10D so being able to do it with the 20D doesn't help either. Now I just have to flip the switch further every time I turn it on. Picky, I know. But I'm a picky person.
That is a nitpicky point, Eric, but I agree with you! :roll: I never use the first on position and I wonder how many really do.

I haven't noticed a blue cast to my raw conversions using ACR 2.4 beta. What kind of things are you tweaking in the converter?

wsandman1 Jan 3, 2005 10:07 AM


I have mixed feelings about upgrading to the 20D from the 10D. Would I buy it if I had to do it all over? Definitely, YES! For the money, the d70 and 20D are most like film cameras (non-Professional dSLRs) in their responsiveness.


The adobe photo raw has a Tint option, check your initial settings when you first open the image in raw. If the Tint value is a negative number the resulting photo will have a yellowto greenish tint. If the number is positive the photo will have a redto purple tint. I noticed that this value might change when changing the white balance setting.


Here'ssome real good tips from thePhotoShop Users group. The Exposure and Shadows settings can be best done by holding down the ALT key which will cause the image to go completely black in some cases. Move the slider while holding don the ALT key until you see the first none black areas. If this isn't a single reflective area, you've reached the proper setting forexposure. The opposite is true for the shadows. Move the slider to the left until everything goes white and back off until slight areas of black appear. I always compare my results with the accompanying JPEG image to see if the default camera setting does a betterjob than me. Sorry about posting this in the SLR section.


Nancy Gabby Jan 3, 2005 2:19 PM

Thank you, everyone for your input. I love Steves forums everyone is always so helpful! I am going to Hawaii, and although it is a perfect photo op, I won't be able to buy my 20D until I return (I have my FZ20 and my boyfriend's Olympus 770 - both will have to do). Thank you all for your help and I will be keeping an eye on this forum until I make my purchase. Then I might chime in here and there.:|

Mr_Saginaw Jan 3, 2005 3:36 PM

No shift here... I did a very quick and dirty unscientific test... basically put an X at the center of a piece of paper... put the X in the middle of the center AF point... Sure enough the X was right in the middle of the image.. so as far as i'm can tell the viewfinder is ok.. ymmv...

as far as the 3 position On/Off switch... i used the middle positon ONCE.... by accident.. :blah: And then there was time I wish I had used it because I accidently changed the expousure comp.... :? I'm guessing I'm like the majority and put the switch all the way up.... but it doesn't bother me one way or the other...


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