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Today i took a photo where I wanted considerable depth of field and took the shot at F29. Guess what i found on my new 20D : Dust specks!

Has anyone tried IMS (Intelligent Mobile Solutions) Sensor Cleaning Sticks. They retail in the U.K at 10 for £20. I have read no reviews as to their efficacy but IMS claim

'The DSLRClean sticks use a unique micro-pore swab to create a mini vacuum effect, gently lifting dust from both CCD and CMOS type sensors.

The DSLRClean sticks are an effective and safe solution for sensor cleaning at less than half the cost of other available products.'

Anyone interested, check out: www.intemos.com

The scary thing is you have to wipe these swabs over the sensor! I am no expert but isn't this potentially a very risky procedure?
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Sensor Brush is wiped over the anti-alias filter, too.

(You cannot wipe anything over the sensor itself. It is tucked away behind the anti-alias filter.)

The idea if this and similar products is that they are dry and use static electricity to pull dust off the sensor. With Sensor Brush, you use canned air top create a static charge.

I'll be interested to hear your experience. My 20D came with dust at no extra charge and my 1Ds MkII did, too. The 1Ds MkII is a dust magnet. The 20D was worse than my 10D. I never had a dust issue with my D30 or D60.


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Old Jan 23, 2005, 9:27 AM   #3
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I've just ordered a "Sensor Brush" for my 20D. I'll let you know how i get on with it!
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Thanks Barry and Good Luck with the cleaning.
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Been using Sensor Brush for several months - Works great and no messy fluids !!
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