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I am a Canon user upgrading to a 20D and I was wondering about whether the older speedlites (the 199A specifically) are compatible in manual mode.

I would assume that the advanced flash-TTL metering would not work, that's why I specifically say manual mode in my inquiry.

The only reason why I ask is because I remember hearing a couple of years ago that some of the digital SLR bodies required special flashes made FOR digital bodies because of a flash-sync issue caused by a minor delay after the shutter was fired. I don't know if they fixed that issue/if there was any truth to that to begin with.

If I can use my old flash, then, hypothetically, can't I use any flash (in manual mode)?

Thank you.
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It's true that you'll need an E-TTL compatible flash to use all the 'new' features of the 20D; However you can still use your 'old' flash with the new body. In fact I use a dual-head Metz 45CT-5 sometime...

The 199A (like the Metz) has a 'sensor' built-into the flash in the Auto mode so you can use it that way: The 20D just have to be set on manual, ie 1/60 - 1/200s, and the aperture to match that of the one set on the 199A. FYI - http://www.canonfd.com/199inst/page1.htm

... You'll be surprised @ how well this work compared to all this 'fuss' you've been reading about the newer flash with the FEC exposure compensation :G :G :G
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