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I sometimes want a little more zoom and figure that if I shoot at the full 8Meg resolution and crop, I'll end up at maybe around a 4meg resolution but with zoom. So, what size should I crop at to obtain a good final image?
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Depends upon how big your final product is. Most people say thata 3 mp image isfinefor8X10s (I had a 3.2 MP canonand I have a number of lovely 8x10s). You can search the forums for many megapixel calculation threads talking aboutpixels per inch and appropriate resolution. If you want to go larger, you can follow a number ofresizetricks.

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It also heavily depends on your standards / goals and the viewing distance. Most people print larger pictures at lower resolution, assuming that there's going to be a greater viewing distance.
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If you want to have pictures with the same resolution as a film camera then the following link provides some good insight:


I believe that the amount of resolution you require depends on the image, how it is viewed, and how critical the viewer is. To match ISO 100 film cameras have to be at 25 MP ... however, for most of us that kind of resolution isn't required unless you are doing some major cropping.

At 8.2 MP, the 20D is capable of making somewhere between an 11x14 and 16x20 print with no noticeable difference in resolution between digital and 100 ISO film. Actually, for 16x20 you need 12.5 MP.

Of course, there are other factors that can make a print pleasing to view ... resolution is just one ... and sometimes lower resolution may be what you want.

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