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I've already considered your statement. It goes like this. The AF points are smaller on the 20D than the 10D. So while you were able to do it with the 10D, you effectively had training wheels on and are finding it harder now that the AF point is smaller.

I agree that this could be the problem. But if you look at the example pictures I posted I wasn't off the subject. And I don't believe I strayed and then moved back. But could I have? Sure.

I believe that accounts for some of my problems. This is why I'm trying to practic and get better. But I am also wondering if some isn't the camera too. With single shot, I don't have this problem. And that uses the same AF points.

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eric s wrote:
Unfortunately my only f2.8 lens or better is the 50mm f1.8. But I bet that would still work on gulls or something. An interesting idea, I'll give it a try.
Panning on sea gulls with a 50mm lens will sure improve your reflexes.

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Eric - I don't have a problem in the least. I think the original post had something to due with AI servo.

Consider my "standard" subject matter. I shoot horse competitions.

Typical target is the elbow or shoulderarea of the rider. Horse at a trot is going about 6-8MPH. Distance to subject in arena is about 60ft. Vertical movement is approx 10". That is if you choose to shoot at perfect right angle to the subject.

Now if a rider gets passed or another rider crosses on the near side of the arena IN THE OPPOSITE DIRECTION - you are at a different angle.

I not only have to compute all this geometry instantaneously - but I must anticipate the cameras reaction also.

I have become quite adept at tracking but...it is a technique that I must practice at least twice a week just to keep my "Edge". 100% not a chance - and I'm pretty darned good.
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