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I finally went out and picked up the 20D(w/17-85 IS USM) after retiring a 300D, 10D and a D70. In all the 300D was a great entry dSLR on which to learn and gather some lenses which then paved the way for me to appreciate the 10D. But then needing a higer frame rate/frame depth lead me to the D70/20D. I got the D70 (w/18-70 DX) about two weeks ago to try and see if the camera would serve my needs. Althought the D70 is by far a great camera and insoem areas surpassesthe 10D and even the 20D it does also have some drawbacks. #1 drawback for me was image quality, to me that is the most important factor bar none else. Despite all the reviews the D70 has considerable noise across the entire ISO range. Obviously it is much less at 200 but it exists in all shadow areas and increases drastically beyond 500. I see reviews consistently praising itsnoise ratiobut for me anything above ISO 640 just doesnt look right unless it is never going to be viewed at more then 50% OR if it is meant for newspaper quality printing... I very much missed the clean, smooth and warmer pictures of the Canon camp immedietly. What the Nikon does offer is considerable at the price point and if the choice were between the 300D and the D70 I would pick the Nikon w/o 2nd thought due to the features available. However the comparison between the d70 and 20D is a no brainer for my uses (action and low light).

20D: Killer frame rate/ Image Quality/ Focus/Mirror Lockup ... everything from a -z

D70: BETTER metering and exposure for the real world (not "controlled studio" experiments)

Nikon 18-70 DX : Reasonably sharp, "Silent Wave Motor" noticeably slower then Canons USM *especially tracking fast moving objects* , standard build quality slightly overpriced as part of the Kit.

Canon 17-85 IS USM: Image Stabilizer great feature (kills batteries fast though), USMFAST and accurate. Slow lens despite IS (F4-5.6/17-85). Noticeably soft across the board, really only "good" f8-f11 on my copy. C.A. and vignetting. WAY overpriced as part of the KIT or stand alone. For the $600 my Tamron 28-75 XR DI and 50mm 1.8 kick the tar out of this lense for fractions of the price in all areas besides focus speed.

The 20D completely blows me away evertime i pick it up. Using it in continuous drive I often fired 2-3 frames before my brain realized what my finger was doing. The focus speed is astonishing, even in low light. Thisequipmentwas worth ever penny of the cost.

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Is the image quality of the 300d comparable to that of the 20D?
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