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I wanted to buy Lexar 80x, a sales person it wouldn't work..Is he right? I'd like a fast card, and I have USB 1.1 98se system..Thanks Paco
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A Digital Rebel will accept any size card you want to put into it, type 1 or type 2. You wouldn't want to use your cameras USB 1.1 to download a big card though. Get a CF card reader that's USB 2.0. I DON'T know about the compatibility with the WIN 98 system though. That may be the sticking point with the salesman.... then again it might not be a problem at all. If your operating system is a go, you should have no problems.
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Paco wrote:
I wanted to buy Lexar 80x, a sales person it wouldn't work..Is he right? I'd like a fast card, and I have USB 1.1 98se system..Thanks Paco
IMO what the salesperson meant was you won't get the speed of the 80x, but much less -> ie it's not going to be much faster than a less expensive 40x (or even 24x) card for example since the camera is the limiting factor and not the speed of the card...

Fyi - http://www.robgalbraith.com/bins/mul...?cid=6007-6425
vs - http://www.robgalbraith.com/bins/mul...?cid=6007-6816
or - http://www.robgalbraith.com/bins/mul...?cid=6007-7344
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I'd just get the Sandisk Ultra II , it's cheaper than the lexar 80x, the 80x is faster but only by 1 to 2% on the rebel, when it ges into the 20D not only is the ultra 2 going to be faster ( approx 5Meg per second, compared to the Rebel's 1.25 Megs per second ), the Ultra II , is also one of the fastest cards in the higher up modles second to probally the new Extreme III. So if you got the Ultra II , you can use it in future bodies and still not hit the peak speed of the card but leaves room for upgrades.

Also I think the Lexar 80x , requires cameras with WA (Write Acceleration) in order for the lexars to really shine.
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WA is not a requirement of any lexar cards to be used in any camera. in fact WA is being, as some other technologies that lexar has tried to market, pushed to the wayside. concentateing on the performance of the card w/o any special 2 part recipes is more important now. while WA did make a difference in Nikon camera who bought into the WA concept in the beginning and it did make a difference on their cameras it was short lived. but as they say that was then and this is now. sandisk woke up and threw down the gloves with the ultra 2 models that seemed to work gangbusters with most cameras.

just recently canon tweaked the 1Dm2 firmware and low and behold the ultra 2 went from 3.9MB/s to 7+MB/s. surprisingly not that noticable due to the buffer depth of 24+ frames depending on the type and size of the jpg used (for news/sports) RAW is still fixed.

i alsojust acquired anextreme 3 2gb card and when used in that camera the difference in speed was less then noticable for the possible price difference.

a personal note on rescue pro which is included with the extreme 3 card.SLOW. i'll stay with photorescue as i have for the paseed 3years. i have recovered over 40 cards 2 of my own and rest for others since i got it.
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