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NHL wrote:
Nancy Gabby

I'd like to muddy up your water a little bit - The Minolta 7D is also an excellent camera, this dSLR 'rocked' the industry again by putting the IS/VR in the body -> all the Minolta lenses including the ones from the 80's will have this features!!!

http://www.luminous-landscape.com/re...nolta-7d.shtml :G :lol: :-)

looks a nice camera, Ive not seen it in the shops here yet.
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Last week I did a couple of days at our regional basketball tourney and I kept a mental note of what I saw being used on the end line where the photographers are allowed to stand (the other end line is reserved for cheerleaders). Anyway here is what I saw in use:

2 - Nikons

2 - Digital Rebels (including myself)

1 - Canon (10D?)

2 - Fuji S602Zooms

1 - Kodak (not sure on model, not SLR)

1 - Minolta (also not sure on model)

3 - film cameras

I thought it was an interesting mix of equipment.
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Nancy Gabby wrote:
I also want to say that you guys are a heck of a lot nicer in this forum than over there in the Nikon forum.
Hey, I am a Nikon guy too. but I am nice. :blah:

Must've missed the discussion you mentioned.
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aladyforty wrote:
looks a nice camera, Ive not seen it in the shops here yet.
Another nice camera is the new Fuji S3 - There's more to it than megapixels/speed: This camera probably has the widest dynamic range of them all (even over the Kodak Pro), and several film emulation modes!

I saw several pictures of this camera with incredible details in the shadow against some really bright background... One thing good about the Nikon mount -> you get Fuji in addition to Kodak 'emulsion's for your lenses :G :lol: :-)
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Thanx for the tip, NHL. I have looked at the specs of the camera, and there was an article in one of this months photo mags. I think the autofocus was much slower on the camera, and maybe a noise issue. I don't remember exactly but I do know that I decided against it for the work that I am doing, but with the exception of a couple things it is supposedly an excellent camera. I pretty much made my decision, it's the D20 all the way. Now I gotta get myself into the city to purchase it, and I hope B&H still has some stock or ordered new ones, b/c that is where I usually purchase. I can always go to Adorama. I also like a smaller store called Fotocare. My boyfriend is friends with the owner, Jeff Hirsch, whom I have met on occasion. It isn't the cheapest, but these guys really stand behind their product. And if anything new comes your way let me know. I figure I will be getting it within two weeks. Also any (new)reviews on lenses would be appreciated. Thanx again.
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Hmmmmm. I shot the opening pitch from right behind home plate at the Women's College World Series game between U Cal, and UCLA this last year, and aside from the photographer from Softball World, all other major publication photographers that I saw on the edge of the field were shooting Canon. I also had sideline credentials to shoot at two OU football games this past season, and Canon glass dominated everywhere up and down the sidelines. I'd say the ratio was between 5 to 1, and 8 to 1 in favor of Canon. I stood between two photographers - one from SI, and one from Sporting News, and both had big Canon glass on their 1Dmk2's. At half-time in the passkey only media room, where all of the pros upload their selected images to their offices, I don't recall seeing but two large Nikon rigs. All of the others were the Canon white lenses. Granted, this isn't a sample of "everything", but it is a fair observation from the heartland, and this is what I have observed at acouple of upper level sports.

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