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Well it looks like Canon got a jump with the new and greatly improved XT. Not only does it approach the 20D in performance but it looks like it offers more then some of Nikons top Dslr's.

It will be interesting to see what Nikon, Pentax, and Oly come up with. The dig community is waiting on Nikon and push has now come to shove. I feel if Nikon does not do something SOON they will loose there market share not only with pros but amatures as well. Nikon (and some Pentax) was always what I saw when I was in the film business and did commercials, but they let Canon take the lead thru aggressinve marketing and better products.

Pentax may come out doing well if they come out with a new D pro model and a some new lenses to go with it. They have a loyal following, are very low key and produce great products.

It seems that the new 4/3's system is also catching on and now has a lens group that looks pretty good.

All this ranting has come about because even though I own a couple Nikon digi's ( 4500, 8400 ), and have no like or dislike for brand names, it's a shame that Nikon, a once leader in the industry is letting it slip away.

I hope they surprise me and have a hot item or two and can get the public excited because they need it VERY badly.

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If you look at a camera company revenues... most income come from non-dSLRs - Yes even Canon!

Sony for example is the market leader with no dSLRs at all - The problem with Nikon is their Coolpix line which is their main bread and butter -> this maketshare is declining... and omen for what is used to finance the R&Ds for their dSLRs

FYI - http://www.stevesforums.com/forums/v...20&forum_id=37

... Also what else does Nikon sale?
Cameras are only a small portion of the Canon empire :idea:
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