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hkrautter wrote:
I went with the 20D over Nikon partly because of the price of Nikon lenses. They seem to be much more expensive than similar Canon lenses
I agree, except that the Nikon 18-70 kit lens may be a better choice than anything offered by Canon. It's better than the Canon 18-55 kit lens, but also much cheaper than the Canon 17-85. From what I've read, it's as good as or better than the 17-85 (except without IS).
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Nikon's faster 1/500th flash sync is an advantage over the canon
Don't you guys love the 'specmanships' - Whoa!!! 1/500s sync faster... :-) :lol: :G

Let's be practical shall we:
1. Most electronic flash duration is thousands of a second, ie several factor faster than any mechanical shutter - one can freeze any action with a flash burst alone even @ 1/60s or slower!
2. The action blur is usually the result of the ambient light (usually a yellowish cast) which one can filter out by closing down the aperture...
3. Only studio strobes can be as slow as 1/500s, but then have anyone seen anything move that fast of a speed in a small studio???
4. If there's enough light to shoot at 1/500s - why does anyone need a flash in the 1st place? :?

IMO the Nikon marketing hype is no worst than the Canon machine - When is the last time anyone shoot at 5 to 8 frame/s: Who's the better photographer - one who is patient and get his 1st image right instead of another who 'machined gun' his camera in the hope of getting one correctly?
I know who will spend time more time editing and deleting all those unwanted shots though...

-> It all boils down to who's the better photographer not who has the 'bigger' tool!!!
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OK, thanks for the flash info. I don't think that will be a deciding factor for me at this time.

How many more weeks must I wait to buy a 350D? :?
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IMO the Nikon marketing hype is no worst than the Canon machine
Exactly! Both are great systems, and no one can go wrong with either of them. The small differences are orders of magnitude less important than the technique of the photographer.

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