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Nancy Gabby wrote:
Quick question about the Sigma flash. I know it is cheaper than the Canon, but is it better than Canon's newest flash?
It can't be better than the 580EX at only 1/2 the cost...

It is certainly better than the 420EX (slave only), since it costs about the same but with almost the output power and features of the higher priced 550EX (master and slave) - One thing the Sigma has over the Canon's is it can sync with studio strobes with its built-in slave.

Remember in the wireless mode: you need multiple heads for ratio control - the more you buy the more you save, ie can you afford multiples 580EX's (or you'll end up with a Sigma anyway)? :-)
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Thanx, NHL. I do posess studio strobes already, I am just looking for a good flash out in the field. If it happens to be that I could use another flash as a strobe, I could then get a Sigma, correct? I should just check out the specs for the flashes, instead of bothering you fine gentlemen! I am not up to an external flash, yet. With the high ISOs and the built in flash, I hope it gets me thru the first few months. And I do have a Sunpack 383, I know it's not ttl but it's something. Appreciate all of the info! :bye:
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My 2c worth! To everyone who said Canon EF 50mm 1.4....I agree 100%. Once you master the lens at 1.4 the results are great. I have done A LOT of baby portraits and this is my favourite lens. I hate Flashguns unless bouced or diffused, but the ability to shoot at good speeds at low NATURAL light is amazing.


In fact a lot of the close ups on my site were with this lens..I love it!
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Right so - I just got the flash in the mail, but I couldn't use my vouchers for that.

So on Saturday I also went into Jessops and got the 50mm f1.8 and a nice Lowepro shoulder bag for a combined total of £114 which with my vouchers only took £14 out of my wallet.

My first useful shots with the 50mm turned out to be of butterflies - over in the wildlife forum. It's not a Macro lens as such, but I set the camera in A mode and set it wide open to reduce DOF as much as possible. Turned out pretty good. This lens is too good not to have @£75.


But I look forward to using it for portraits too.

Also kudos to NHL and Peter for convincing me to get the Super, one thing that I didn't appreciate is that it can be used as a slave flash with the on-board flash as master. So I'll have some fun experimenting with it all I'm sure.
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Just a quick test with the new flashgun...

Put the flash in auto mode and the camera in P.
Attached the Sto-fen diffuser and pointed the head upwards at 45 degrees.

And I got this picture.

Which is exactly what I was hoping for really. Exposure is perfect, the light is quite diffuse and fills the room and there is no "headlight" effect with an overexposed or reflective face and shadows behind.

I wanted this not for "formal" portrait work (though it may come in useful for that later) but basically for decent snapshots in lower light.

So I'm pretty chuffed.

Thanks for all the advice folks.
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Great Picture!

Hmmmmm... guess it's time to put a flash on my list... :lol:
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