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I am in the process of buying a new camera and I'm trying to work out the best for my needs. Most of my shots are of fire twirling, so need something with a good time exposure. Also take a lot of pics of my artwork (paintings) but also some shots at camping trips and parties.

Due to the fact I shoot a lot in the dark I want something with low noise and good AF in dim light. I'm interested in the Canon EOS 300D, but I'm not sure what this is like for "snap shots". What is the 300D like if I just want to get a few candid shots here and there? Eg do I have to fiddle around with heaps of settings just to get a simple pic - or do you have the option of just point and shoot?

My other choice is the canon G6 - but I've heard the red-eye reduction is not too good.

If anyone can give a few pointers on this, I'd really appreciate it.

Many Thanks

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I would think the 350D or Rebel XT would be a better choice.
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In the DSLR world, think lens, not camera. While some camera bodies offer advantages over others, the lens is really the heart of the system. You might have to use a tripod to get the effects you want, depending on the lens you select.

The Digital Rebel is a very capable camera and the XT looks to be even better. Neither is worth much without decent (not necessarily the most expensive) lenses.

In general, DSLRs produce much better high ISO results than pont and shoot cameras. That big sensor makes them more flexible, but there can be day and night differences when different lenses are used.
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