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Of these three which one would you take. The 300d would be hacked. I'm seeing 10D prices coming close to 300D. I'm wondering about going 10D and good glass. Any thoughts?
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I really do like the build quality of my 10D compared to my backup Digital Rebel. I originally bought the Digital Rebel & a very nice set of lenses, then bought one of the last new 10D's out there. Now the Digital Rebel is a classic backup in every sense. Still works like new & takes great images and I've got the hacked firmware loaded- not the last version, but there are still things missing and the placement of the buttons on the 10D make selection of certain functions a superior experience compared to even a hacked Digital Rebel.

Throwing the XT into the mix muddles things since Canon included basically all the missing features from the original Digital Rebel in a very nice package with tons of new stuff- better AF, instant startup and ETTL-II being the top of the list, at least for me.

If I could buy a late, almost new or mint body with little wear, I'd get the 10D.
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Hi RedHouse,

I second the vote for the 10D. If I got the right price for a 10D before I bought my 300D, There would not have been any second thoughts about it.

I love my 300D and would not sell or trade it to get the 350XT. I do not want a camera that is smaller and lighter than the 300D.

When they come out with the replacement for the 20D or the 1Ds MII, Then I will think about it depending on how the money is at the time.

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Why does no one know about the 50 ISO setting on the 10D ?! The results are superior to all the competition including the 20D IMO, which for some reason does NOT have that feature. Any ideas, thoughts...?
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