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Could I shoot sports (Basktetball, Volleyball with flash 550) using a 28-135mm IS? I can walk around the court and get close to the action, but is this lens fast? (would like to get the 70-200IS but it cost too much and I have not found that rich boyfriend yet...)
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what is the speed of the lens f/2.8-5.6?

i have the rebel XT with a so-so lens but my sports shots are pretty good when i adjust the iso to 400 and use my 420EX flash

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No, that lens is f3.5-f5.6. A lens is usually considered "fast" if it's f2.8. I think the better question is "is it fast enough?"

It is possible to use that lens. I wouldn't recommend it, but it might work if the lighting was good enough. Flash can help out, but it can also ruin the shot. I find it's better to use flash for fill more than the dominate light source.

What focal lengths do you shot at? Try it out! You might find that it works for you. Personally, I'd recommend the Canon 70-200 f4 or Sigma 70-200 f2.8, but both of those are not cheap lenses

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This is a great question and one that I will soon be facing. Looking for the best bang for the buck fast and long lens for my soon to be recieved 20D. I would think that in a small indoor gym one would need at least 200mm and it would have to be at least f/4. Time to start hitting the websites. Christmas is just around the corner :lol:
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I faced the same delima. I wanted (and still want the Sigma 70-200/2.8 - well, I want the Canon, but I think the Sigma would be just fine for hundreds less). I chose to begin with a Canon 85/1.8 (~$400). It is very fast - I must chose my seating location carefully. I use this for basketball and gymnastics - since I can not use a flash for gymnastics, I needed a very fast lens with a large aperture. I also added a Tamron 28-75/2.8 for my "walk around" lens. I was amazed when I tested it a recent gymnastics meet. This lens was also ~$400. Now, for the price of these 2 I could have had the Sigma 70-200/2.8, but that's all that I would have. Anyway, I will post a recent link that includes photos that I took with the Tamron. If you are in need of something better than the 18-55 kit lens for your everyday lens, and if the 28-75 would do for now on focal length, I would suggest that as a starting point. I would suggest trying to get a large aperture (probably 2.8 minimum) for indoor sports - especially, if you will need to shoot without a flash. Happy shopping:-)

EDIT: I will add a second link that includes a basketball photo with the 85/1.8 - you will have to scroll to the bottom of the link.


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Well I don't do flash indoor sports but I do shoot some basketball. Without flash 4.0 is absolutely WAY TOO SLOW. 2.8 is only good enough in a very well lit gym and then you need to shoot at iso 800 or 1600. I believe the post about using the 85mm 1.8 is dead on. Sports is just one of those times when you cannot substitute for fast lense speed. A 4.0 lense is OK for outside sports, but 2.8 is minimum for indoors and 1.8 is better (and the prime is cheaper than either Canon or Sigma 70-200 2.8).

I used to use my 28-135 for outdoor sports but found that the range was way too short and that at 5.6 it was way too slow except for bright days. In summary I think 'walk around lense' and 'sports lense' tend to be mutually exclusive. Good luck with your choice!
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http://www.pbase.com/crusader/image/39263760/largein case it doesn't show and for exif data

now obviously this isn't basketball but the scenerio is much worse. do not worry about the camera or lens used. concentrate on the ISO and settings of which you camera is capable.

1 overhead sodium vapor lamp with the rest of the gym dark. this was worst case shooting.

iso 1000

1/125 sec

f 5.6

equivelent focal length on your camera 112mm

i try to avoid shooting wide open with my 2.8 because it increases the chances of an out of focus shot due to the shallow DOF. i even turn off the AF and shoot zones per the f stop at times.

i do use a slightly more capable strobe a 580ex and that investment will help.

in theory and with practice depending on your distance you will get images. as to what you get is up to you.

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lisa_suzuki wrote:
Could I shoot sports (Basktetball, Volleyball with flash 550) using a 28-135mm IS?
Short answer - YES:

1. IS is irrelevant when you're shooting with flash - try it, turn IS off !!!
2. The flash pulse (thousandth of a sec.) will freeze any action by itself even @ 1/60s or slower
3. An aperture(or shutter) increase will darken the ambient fill (to filter out the yellowish blur)
4. With the 550EX the max(@ f/5.6, ISO-100) range is 8.92m (50/5.6) against 10.35m (58/5.6) for the 580EX - It's up to you if you want to get about 1.5m closer or up the ISO to increase the flash range... :?
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I don't think image stabilization is going to help you.

You need a really fast lens, in my mind f2.0 or faster for a dark gym.

Where your subject will be running or jumping, you will need 1/250th of a second or faster shutter speed to freeze the action.

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thats where the stablized lens actually works well. track and shoot. and with it buys a little latitude. the above image is with IS on.
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