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Well got my 20d last night and I have a few questions.Yes I did read the manual too,for what it is anyway.As far as the metering goes,I am surprised just hw short a time it actually stays on.Is there a way to make it stay on longer or is that for battery life? Second thing was the metering for aperture and shutter priority.When i was looking at it the meter doesn't really change at all as far as i could see.It picked a shutter or aperture and then dindn't really do anything except keep blinking a suggested setting.Doesn't metering work at all in those modes?
Haven't even really taken any pictures yet,as I just got the battery charged and becoming familiar with all the controls.The battery charger isn't all that clear either as far as instructions go.All that I can say is after it stops blinking let it charge for at least another hour,but know that I know that it doesn't take long at all.
This is my first DSLR,but I will say its quite a jump from film SLR's and quite a bit different from all the Pentax equipment I've used before.Looks like quite a steep learning curve ahead,but like any large climb,its just a matter of taking it one step at a time.For any interested I'll keep you informed of my progress.Great forum and I've been here for quite a while learning before I bought the camera so thanks!
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Aperture and Shutter priority will both still use automatic exposure as long as they can. i.e. they can adjust the non-fixed parameter to get correct exposure.

Good luck and post some pics when you get some you're happy with. :-)

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If one of the exposure settings is blinking, it means it has gone out of range,the camera can't adjust any furtherfor that scene with the other setting fixed at what you set it to.

I have never found the active time to be a problem, it keeps metering while you have the shutter-button half pressed, and quites a few seconds after you let go. If it did not you would not see 600+ shots that are claimed possible on a battery charge.


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