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I've been researching and reading this forum and others since before the 20D came out. It's more camera than I need, but it will probably have to last me until either it or I wear out.
My primary interest is macro work, with a little wildlife and landscape thrown in, so I'm leaning towards the Sigma 150 macro lens, (my wife has 2 zooms that cover from 28 to 200mm). I am also going to get a decent tripod and ballhead. I think I need a shutter release too.
Will a tele converter help me get more magnification for macro? I know a 2X tc will give me an effective reach of 720mm with the 200.
A 1 gig card will round this out, with another card and an extra battery to follow later.
Any suggestions or comments would be greatly appreciated.

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I've heard mostly good things about the Sigma macros lenses. The 150 is a bit new, but I wouldn't be surprised if its good too. I've been eyeing their 180 macro.

I'm not sure their TC can fit that lens. Definitely make sure before buying it.

A good head/tripod for macro is not an easy thing. I know some people who really like the tripods with the arm that you can extend in a variety of directions. I always think they'll be out of balance and risk falling over.

If you have a store near you, I'd see if you can't find one that sells the tripod and head you finally consider. That way you can see if it really fits your needs (or at least get a good idea.)

A remote shutter release isn't a bad idea. Something better would be an off camera flash cable and a flash with a defuser. With macro work you need as much light as you can get to help with the small DOF. Using a reflector and/or a flash which you hold in position is great. Then you use the shutter release to trigger it when you have everything just right.


ps. I've been shocked how cheap 1G cards have become. I spend $300 on a 32x card around a year ago. In Dec I spent $99 (after rebate) on an 80x 1G.

pps. The battery life on the 20D is very nice. You might not need that extra battery if you take advantage of it's instant on (set the power off to something aggressive, the default isn't bad.) And the batter that comes with the 20D is much more powerful than the 10D's battery. Almost twice as much. Now it should be said that I have an extra battery (from my 10D days) and I'm glad I do. But I often don't use it.
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I'm not sure about the TC getting moremagnification on a macro lens, but a set of extension tubes should still work, and by comparison they are extremely cheap.:-).

For macro a tripod and focusing rails would be preferable. Focusing rails let you move the camera in and out in small controlled increments, since with high macro you tend to focus by moving the camera.

Hereare some from different manufacturers
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