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As the new 350D bacomes available and it replaces the 300D, will Canon offer a new firmware for the 300D to add in the disabled functions. Obviously there would be commercial concerns that 300D users would delay upgrading but im not sure how large a group of people this involves. Despite its bottom of the range status it is still probably more capable than the people who use it (I include myself here) and it would be nice to have the extra functions regardless of how infrequently they might be used.. I suppose user skills outgrowing a particlur model is rarely the reason for upgrade though.

Could firmware be used to control functionality and therefore price? ie same physical camera is sold as a platform but the firmware must be bought to access different levels of functionality. This would allow greater economies of scale on hardware and increase user choice. Imagine a basic 20D for half the price it is now but with firmware upgrades to access different feature sets. I suppose illegal hacks would be rife and a massive mindset shift for consumers to buy into this idea.

Now cameras are part camera, part computer why not increase security with passwords. I would gladly accept having to connect the camera online and input a password at a reular interval (user defined- every week, month etc) if it reduced the attractivess of my camera to thieves.

How long before Image stabilisation is fitted to the body and not the Lenses in an EOS digital camera? Will Canon beat Nikon to this move? This would see floods of people upgrading (IMHO)

Just a fewquestions from a keen but relative newcomer to digital SLR's.

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