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Hi all,

With my new 20D, I've been switching over to RAW shooting to try to get used to it.

Which software do you recommend, Digital Photo Professional or EOS Viewer Utility? (They both came with the camera).

Pros/Cons of either? I noticed both do RAW adjustments. I also noticed Dig. Photo Professional acts as a viewer as well.

Unless the EOS Viewer is a great viewer, I normally just do my transfer of images from a card reader using Windows Explorer (I rarely if ever plug my camera in directly).

Any advice apprecited as I try to get my "workflow" mapped out for the 1st time. Since im starting to accumulate a LOT of image files now, could I also ask some advice as to file maintenance (eg. logical file names/file tree structure, etc.) How do you generally keep track of all these files? Is there a good "organizer" type program out there to handle it?

Thanks everyone, I appreciate the help as I get started here in the world of digital.

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i like how on Digital photo professoional you can name a batch of files as you convert to TIFF or JPEG (i.e. crap_0001, crap_0002, etc.) that made the difference for me.

right now i sort my pictures by the subject, location, date (c:\pictures\wildlife\ducks\firebrooklake\mar_10\m allard_0001.tif)

i dont use any software for this just windows explorer
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I have both canon Programs loaded but find I tend to use the raw plugin in Photoshop CS most often. Followed by Digital Photo Professional.

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Workflow is a very personal thing. I'll talk about mine, but be prepared to use some, all, or none of it. There is rarely a magic bullet here.

I have this directory structure (this is only an example for 1 file, but you'll understand it quickly)

"Pictures Origional"-> 2005 -> 2005_01 -> 2005_01_21 -> <raw_file_name.cr2>

Where a "->" represents a directory "level" and the last is the file name. So, basically, I organize by the date the picture was taken.

Currently I copy using the windows explorer, but I'm thinking of getting Bownloader Pro from Breeze software. Why I haven't done it yet is that I'm a programmer and I could write something which does the copying myself, so I'm loathed to pay for it. Either I'll do it or buy it. Copying by hand is clunky (Canon used to give you software that did the copying and organization by date, but they removed it. Pity; it wasn't great, but it worked.)

I use a USB2 CF reader and view the folder with a detailed view in the explorer. Then I order by date and copy the files into the appropriate place (I almost always download my files on the same day, so this is almost never an issue.) Note that I don't "move" the files from my CF card, I copy it. This lets me verify the files & I never move files from my CF card. I always reformat the card in the camera this has some benefits that I'll go into if you want.

Once I have the files on my desktop, I fire up PhotoShop CS and view the RAW images. I cull cleary bad ones and edit up a few. I have a separate directory called "pictures Edited", where I store the edited files, also by date. I'm not has happy with this idea. It works (some time to my benefit) but its also kinda clunky. I currently do it very flat (no "2005" dir or "2005_01" dir, only "2005_01_21") which I think will hamper me later.

I find the PS CS RAW viewer kinda slow, but it does a decent job. The best RAW converter I found was in BreezeBrowser (which uses custom software to convert, most use Canon's free RAW converter library.) But it was slower than photoshop, and speed is an issue for me. So I trade speed for a slight drop in quality. Right now, I'm happy with this... when I buy a new machine I might change my mind. I dislike either of the two packages that come with the camera. DPS isn't bad, Viewer Utility doesn't do it for me and I actively avoid it (Except when it does something nothing else does.)

To actually organize my pictures and make them easy to find and search, I just purchased IMatch. Unless you expect to take thousands of pictures a year (and need to find them on request) this is probably overkill. google just released some free picture oranization software that might be useful to you. You can find more about it here:

Note that there is a completely free almost 100% functional 30-day demo of IMatch. I recommend giving it a look and seeing what you think. I generally like it (there are some things I'd improve) and so far it has worked well for me.

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