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I'm getting a bit familiar with my 300d and somehow I'm able to get some descent shots. The kit lens (EF-s 18-55) is not that bad after all. last week I bought my first lens (aside from the kit lense) its the 50mm f1.8

Every discussion boards and websites only got praises to say with this lens so I got me one. The first one I got had a problem with the focus ring that I didn't notice till after I got home. I returned it within 24hours and got another copy. I'm really happy with this lens.

The Tamron 28-75 XR-di is also another lens I'd like to have but its hard to find one here in manila and my budget is really really low. I'm now considering the 75-300 f4 III USM, It only cost about $185.00

I read Bob Atkins' article about the EF 75-300 and saw some photos at Pbase taken with this lens. I think thats the best I can get for my $182.00 What do you guys think? one more thing, should I get a lens hood for every lens that I have?


Links to the sample shots taken using the EF 75-300 f4

Bob Atkins on EF 75-300mm f4

There are three of these, a non-USM version, a USM version and a USM version with IS (Image stabilization). Though the lens has a metal lens mount, it has no distance scale and the USM motor isn't a ring type so it isn't silent and you don't get full time manual focus. The USM version is probably marginally quieter and marginally faster focusing then the non-USM version. Optically all three lenses are very similar. The two non-IS lenses have identical optics but the IS lens has additional lenses as part of the IS mechanism. All three lenses are very sharp at the short end but start to become a little soft at the long end. They're still not bad - but not as good as a 300/4L lens. The IS version is one of my favorite lenses. You can shoot hand held at 300mm at speeds down to 1/125, maybe 1/90 and still get images which are sharp. At 300mm you have an "effective" 480mm lens compared to the view with a 35mm full frame camera which is very useful for sports and wildlife.
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Hi mark, I got the 300D about July last year. It came with the kit lens and a cheap 90-300 lens. For the first few months the 90-300 did me well but I have since sold it on Ebay and purchased a 100-300 USM lens second hand and I love it. The kit lens is worth keeping just for the wide angel aspect. I have just purchased another second hand lens on Ebay, a 28-105 usm (the solid kind, not the new plastic rubbish) so I now have effective 18 to 300 or really with the rebel crop factor 28 to 480 with these three lenses.

No you never stop spending, Ive also purchased a battery grip, (get one it's a worthwhile investment if you are going to get bigger lenses) filters and bags etc, now I really would like to get a 100-400 usm IS but it out of my price range right now:-)

Im sure you will enjoy this camera but be prepared to spend money in the future, it becomes an obsession:-)
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