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I must agree about the credit card thing. I placed an order last Tue.and it finally shipped yesterday. I wanted it sent to me at work, where I could actually sign for it. So I called my credit card company to authorize shipments to my work addy.
When I placed the order, I told the order taker that my work addy was an approved shipping location with my credit card and they could call to confirm. He said it wasn't necessary.
Two days later I got a call at home, (not there), and at work, (out of the office), to confirm the addy. I finally got it straightend out on Friday, but they didn't ship until yesterday...

PS: they did have everything I wanted at a decent price.
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Randy G. wrote:
I just wrote an article on this very subject for my newspaper. Without pasting the entire article here (I tend to be overly-wordy), I got my 20D at http://www.buydig.com. You can read the reasons in my ratings of them at http://www.epinions.com and at http://www.resellerratings.com as well I think. Bottom line was that they were the lowest price with a genuine U.S.A. Canon warranty that I could find at the time. It is also available now at Costco.com, but shipping is additional and it was included ("free") at BuyDig.com. Fast service as well- ordered on Monday night, 10pm PST, and had the camera, shipped coast to coast, on Thursday!
buydig.com (a.k.a., beach camera) tends to have the lowest "legitimate" prices on manycameras.

But, they tend to havewhat I consider to be outrageousaccessory prices, and many buyers fall for the package deals (which tend to use memory card brandsyou've never heard of, etc.) They also have arestocking fee if you want a refund (check their policies).

Although I like their camera prices, to try and charge $169.00 for a 1GB Sandisk Ultra II CompactFlash card (current price on their site), when vendors like B&H only charge $89.95 for the same card is a bit outrageous IMO. Check their prices on name brand memory cards, etc., and you'll "get the picture".

Since many buyers only check the camera prices (and don't bother to shop the accessories prices), guess where they make their money? ;-)

Personally, I'd go with someone like B&H (more liberal return policy, reasonable prices on"name brand" accessories, packages including name brand componentsthat actually save you money, etc.).

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I agree with JimC completely. I had 1 transaction with BuyDig.com and vowed never again. I got what I ordered but not a the price they quoted and not when they said I'd get it. B&H gets all my business with an occasional purchase from Amazon when B&H doesn't have what I want or is out of stock.

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B&H vs. the rest -

B&H is always the safe bet because they are very professional and you don't have to worry about being swindled. Other etailers, buydig included are good too but you have to be more careful. I'm very penny-conscious when I order things so I'm always looking for the best deal from a REPUTABLE source. My solution to JimC's point about accessories is: I buy my excessories elsewhere. Let's face it, if I'm going to spend say $800 on a lense and filter I spend 1/2 hour doing my research for best price. I'll price out package if I order it all from one place or from a couple different places. Doing so can save a lot of money. That's one key to using these other places. The second key is that I'm sure I want the product. There is no restocking fee if you are returning a defective product. If B*H is close to the price of other places I'll buy from them. But I'll still look elsewhere when B&H isn't close - for instance a new 72mm circular polarizer I need - B&H was charging 20% more (120 vs 100) than the filter connection - in my mind, 20% is worth going to another reputable company. I'd say B&H gets about 60-70% of my business, but places like buydig, beach, newegg and zipzoomfly get the other 30-40%.
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I prefer B&H or J&R Music. I like both of these stores return polices. This is an important consideration when ordering online.

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Old Mar 24, 2005, 5:02 PM   #16
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JimC wrote:
buydig.com (a.k.a., beach camera) tends to have the lowest "legitimate" prices on many cameras.

But, they tend to have what I consider to be outrageous accessory prices, and many buyers fall for the package deals (which tend to use memory card brands you've never heard of, etc.) They also have a restocking fee if you want a refund (check their policies).
I had already handled the camera so I knew that I wanted it- thus, for me, return was not an issue. I also agree that their accessory prices were outrageous! That's why all I got was the body/lens combo package and nothing else.

For someone who is not familiar with cameras of this nature or is not sure about the purchase, then paying the extra cost to get it somewhere with a liberal return policy (such as BestBuy) is worth the extra cost. It is also now available at Costco.com (membership required for purchase), whom I think has the best return policy anywhere.

all FWIW...
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Just so that there is no confusion, BuyDig.com and IBuyDigital.com are two separate stores. BuyDig.com scores better than IBuyDigital.com for everything except price and customer service.

There is also a store called IBuyDig.com that only scores a 0.19 out of 10 (yup, less than 1) at www.reselleratings.com . The reviews are interesting to read.

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Here is a good deal through Dell. Yeah, I didn't know they sold cameras either until I stumbled across this site. [http://supercoupon.com/]
The offer expires early tomorrow morning.

Sample Savings (all shipped free):
* EOS 20D DIGITAL CAMERA WITH 18-55MM F 3.5-5.6 lens: $1599 - $159.90 (10% off ) - $60 coupon = $1379.10
* Canon EOS 20D Body, $1499 - $149.90 (10% off) - $60 coupon= $1289.10

I bought a 20D through them last week via a similar deal. I ordered it last Saturday morning and it was delivered to my front door on Tuesday.
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I can pick the Kit up for $1340 shipped but liked the idea of buying it for $1289 from Dell and spending the money saved towards a better lens, unforetunately the $60 coupon has expired so total is $1379 for body
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Kudos to B&H.

I never have bought several items from them with absolutely no problems at all.

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