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I have been having a great time with the 20D. Great camera, but as it seems to be with anything electronic, I have "found" some things that seem to have been missed.

I would love to see a custom function that would allow "Bracket Continous Drive." It would allow you to choose choose to exposure bracket, and the drive could be set for three shot bursts. In other words, set the bracket range for exposure, set the drive to continous, and when you hold down the shutter release, the camera takes three fast shots, - 0 +, and then stops until the shutter release is lifted and depressed again. It would allow better concentration on composition instead of trying to count three clicks in .6 seconds.

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I'm not sure I understand you.
The 20D does have exposure bracketing built in. You can set it so that when you press the shutter it takes 3 pictures with the perscribed exposure compensation applied.

It's talked about on page 84 of the manual, and it says it work in whatever drive mode you are in.

What am I missing?

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You just have to set the drive mode yourself for bracketing if you want it to take three shots with just one press of the shutter release.

I don't see why this isn't automatically set when you choose to bracket.

Who would want to press the shutter release three times themselves.
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I agree with Paul,

I found it somewhat counter-intuitive too, and I'm thinking that I'm going to have to get a shutter release cable to use it effectively. In burst mode it's hard to stop it just right and in single shot mode even with my (not very good tripod) I find I can't get exactly the same framing for composite shots.

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Old Mar 24, 2005, 5:52 PM   #5
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Oh, hell... You are right! And I know the mistake I made:

When setting the bracketing range in the menu, it is VERY easy to forget that you HAVE to hit the "SET" button after dialing in the bracketing range. If you just dial the range then hit the shutter release to close the menu system and get ready to shoot, the camera is not in bracket mode (even though you 'selected' a bracketing range). At that point, pressing the shutter release will just keep taking pictures in continuous drive mode.

IF you are not an idiot (I was) and you DO remember to hit the SET button after selecting a bracket range AND you have continous drive mode selected, then the camera WILL just take the three pictures with the shutter release depressed and it WILL then stop until the shutter release is released then depressed again..

Anyone else see the movie "Clockwise" with John Cleese? Sounds like I am living it right now. (great movie BTW)

To all, thanks for the replies. I am off to the market to buy an extra six pack of "Pay Attention" juice with the free sample of RTFM.

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