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I will be getting a 20D shortly (replacement for 300D) and am greatly looking forward to the ability toturn AI Servo on in any creative mode. One question I have is the 'AI Focus mode which is supposed to switch between regular auto focus and servo mode. Does anyone use this mode? If so is it useful? Or, when shooting sports, etc do you always just turn on AI Servo? Guess I'm looking for the 'voice of experience' for which mode to use when and if there is a downside to using one over the other.


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Tried it, can't quite figure it out. It will focus on something say a fence post, then suddenly decide a stationary fence posthas startedmoving switch to AI-servo and focus on something completely different.

I either use one shot,or AI-Servo. For now gave up on AI-Focus, maybe a firmware update will make it work a bit more reliably in the future.

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If the subject is fairly stationary and you focus then it starts to move as you compose, the resulting shot has been slightly out of focus for me - subsequent shots in continuous shooting mode, have been in focus. So my experience has been that the first one or two shots in a sequence can be slightly out of focus until the camera kicks into servo mode. I switched to AI servo full time for sports shots (soccer and field hockey).

I always shoot with just the center focus point active since intervening players or refs or whatever can cause the camera to choose something closer that will throw your focus off too (same as on rebel).
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