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This will be through Best Buy. $99 for 4 years. I'm on the verge of buying the kit there for $899 but on the fence about buying the service plan or not.

I took advantage of the replacement plan I bought for my old Olympus C-4000 when it broke.
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What does the service plan cover?
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gibsonpd3620 wrote:
What does the service plan cover?
Basically most things that are not from 'accidents' and 'purposely damaged'. They do cover maintenance and batteries though.

Here's a link to the details:
4 - Year Performance Service Plan
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I was offered the Mack service plan from B&H, does anyone know if that is worth it? I don't know anything about the details. I have 30 days from the date of purchase (today). Does anyone have it? Has anyone used it and shipped their camera to Jersey?
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Service plans are rarely worth it.
In 2 years better cameras will have come out, and you'd probably rather have one of those than the old camera (or whatever they substitute it with.)

They are a big source of revenue because people forget they have them many years later. Stores love them.

It could be worth it... it is possible. But like all insurance, its a gamble.

Nancy Gabby,
What does the Mack cover? I thought those covered a lot more (like dunks in a river.) That could be worth it if you take your camera into dangerous situations. For a "normal" user, I don't recommend a Mack warrenty (if my definition of one is right.)

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i would get it as long as you plan to take advantage of it.

i get my battery replaced once a year and i get no hassle from them at all.
(to replace the battery you call their phone # and they send you a new one in the mail and you send yours back in a postage paid box that they give you) and if you have any problems with the camera you can get it serviced at any bestbuy store.

some cameras (depending on the manufacturer) will be sent to a service center to be repaired (7-10 days)while others are sent back to the manufacturer while you get a new camera in the store that day.

i got the service plan for my 20D and my girlfriends SD300 but did not for the A510because of the AA batts

any more questions, ask me i know it inside and out ( not that i work there )

EDIT: and for the SLR models they will clean it once a year in store for free, its not a great cleaning, but it is free

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I'm getting my 20D today from Wolfe Camera and they want to sell me a one year "anything happens" warranty for $300. I think that is pretty steep, though I do plan on traveling to Alaska with it and would hate to not get the warranty and then drop it or get it wet somehow without that protection. I still think its ALOT of money for a warranty though...

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If you're worried about the camera crapping out on you after the warranty is over, but don't want to purchase extended warranty, you may want to purchase it from Costco. They have a lifetime satisfaction guarantee for free. I've read in other forums that they refund your purchase price if you are not satisfied with your purchase.
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Hey. Here's the deal. I work for Best Buy, so let me give you a simple rundown. First of all, if you are going to buy an SLR at Best Buy, I wouldn't skip the service plan. The official Canon battery is worth like $60.00, so you will get a new one when you need it. Most likely, you won't need a second, but if you recharge a lot, you may. If you do, that would be free also.

You were right about the accidents: if won't cover those. However, if the camera is in a bag, and it gets dropped or something, it may look okay cosmetically, in which case the tech bench guys won't know it was "abuse." It happens a lot, so don't just laugh it off.

It also covers cleanings. The imager on a dSLR can get dusty and dirty. Every time you take off the lens, it is totally open. Every time you zoom, air rushes in and out of the camera, as well. You can get the camera's insides cleaned out under the plan, too.

On top of all of that, you get the same 4 year coverage that you did on your C-4000. It is actually a pretty good deal. Remember, Best Buy employees are not on commission, and I definately wouldn't be trying to sell a service plan at 11:30 at night just so the company can make a few bucks. I buy the service plan on everything I buy there, and I have used them several times.

Good luck!
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As a former employee of Best Buy, I tend to have the opposite opinion of their service plans. To me there are very few products that actually warrant buying a service plan (such as big screen TVs and other major purchases). A camera is kinda on the fence in my opinion. When I bought my Digital Rebel at Best Buy I decided not to buy the plan. I am always extremely careful with my electronics and unless there was some bad workmanship, I didn't expect to have a problem. I saved the money I would have spent on the plan and instead put it toward accessories (including a camera bag that included a second battery).

Though Best Buy employees aren't on commission, their supervisors and managers do get major kick-backs for high PSP sales. Every few hours, departmental sales reports are run and if the percentage of PSP sales to total sales isn't acceptable, then the average non-commission employees will hear about it and pressed to sale the PSPs more aggressively. There is always major pressure to sale PSPs on everything that leaves the store.

A major reason that Best Buy employees buy service plans on everything they buy at the store is that they are so ridiculously cheap for them. I believe the PSP that most people would buy on an digital SLR runs $99 but an employee buying that plan would only pay "cost" of that plan. This "cost" is only between $15 and $25. Obviously there is a ton of profit being made off the sale of these plans.

In the end it just comes down to what your position on these things are. When I worked at Best Buy I always bought plans because they were so cheap with my employee discount. Now I never buy them because A) I worked there an know the ins and outs of their PSP tactics and B) it just isn't worth it on most items. It always made me laugh when we sold $40 PSPs on $50 DVD players. I never quite figured that one out .

Good luck!

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