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I remember reading a thread where you guys were stating that the on camera flash always underexposed (which i am finding with my camera). So I am assuming I just bump up my flash compensation exposure thingee, and leave it. Is that correct. And if I am correct have you guys figured out exactly what to set it to (ex- flash ev +1, or 1.3 etc.).
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It's strange, my flash exposure with evaluative metering has always been fine, both with the on-board flash and my Sigma 500 DG Super.

I've never needed to adjust anything - it just works.
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I tend to leave my FEC at +2/3... and ajdust from there as needed... but for the most part +2/3 give me a good exposure...
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Using my 420EX, 90% of the time I'm at +2/3 to +1. I did get a reply from Canon about this where they explained that the 20D underexposed a tad on purpose since it is easy to correct an underexposed photo in post processing while if the highlights are blown with an overexposedshot they are gone forever. Personally I don't think that they underexpose intentionally by 2/3 of a stop ... probably more like 1/3. The rest is user preference, where many may like the scene to be brighter than Canon may have intended.

Depending on the room and if I'm just taking snaps, I can still may require digital exposure compensation of -0.3 to +1.0 ... which is basically due to user error. If I take my time and use FE lock off of something close to 18% grey I typically require very little digital exposure compensation in post processing. Note, when using FE lock the metering is doneonly using the 9% partial metering circle in the middle of the viewfinder.

I haven't tested it enough, but my feeling is that at >= 10EV (flash starts switching to fill-flash mode), Iseem toend up having to set FEC to lower than 2/3 to get the exposure right.

One other thing I've noticed is that you have to use the histogram differently for different lenses. For shots of people I tend to want RG or B coming just up to the right hand side of the histogram. With my Canon 28-105 II USM the luminosity histogram and the R, G or B histograms hit the right had side at the same time. With my 24-70 2.8L the Red histogram usually reaches the right hand side before Luminosity ... so I have to be much more careful using the histogram on the back of the camera. For me, as soon as Red touches the right hand side, my shots (of people) always are exposed just the way I want them.

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