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I am anxious to update to D-SLR from my current digital compact, OLYMPUS C5050Z.
Initially I was going to stick with OLYMPUS (my previous film cameras were OLYMPUS OM1 and OM10) and purchase their new D-SLR, the E300 but on reading the lukewarm reviews it has received decide to save up a little more and purchase the Canon EOS 20D. However Canon have put a spanner in the works by releasing the Rebel XT (called 350D here in the UK).

On comparing both cameras it would appear that the Rebel XT has many of the same qualities as the 20D, apart from the 5fps, a few extra custom settings and better build quality of the 20D.
UK prices have the Rebel XT at around £650 with kit lense and 20D at £1000 with kit lense. Is the 20D worth the extra £350?

You comments would be appreciated

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You know the differences...just weigh out what you want and/or need. They are truly both great choices. I know this doesn't help much, but you know what you need. I'll put it this way, the differences between the 2, quality and feature wise is less than it was between the 10D and Digital Rebel. If you need more pro features such as a rugged body and larger buffer, go for the 20D, if not, go for the XT...it still is pretty rugged (a lot more than the original Digital Rebel) and it's very compact and lite. I went with the XT after owning the Digital Rebel. I was going to upgrade to the 20D, but for me, the differences weren't worth the money. I'm not saying that they're not worth the money, just for my uses, they weren't. Either way, you really can't go wrong. Both are the best choices for the money by far. Good luck!
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I voted with my wallet and bought the XT (350D) as well. I took the money I saved and started a nice lens collection. I entered the store ready to buy the 20D but walked out with the XT.

The 20D is a great camera but I like the smaller size of the XT and the image quality appears to be so close that production variations would be a bigger factor. I definitely like the lighter weight as I like to travel. I also like the smaller size as I can more easily conceal it until I put my "big white elephant" as my kids call it on it (Canon 100-400 IS USM). :G

The savings did allow me to pick up 3 nice lenses. If you don't really need the bigger buffer, I can't see a huge benefit in buying the 20D. I do like the changes of the controls a wee bit on the back and the bigger/brighter viewfinder but it isn't worth the price premium. I'll gladly wait until something better comes along at a reasonalbe priceand then revisit this question.

For the moment I am EXTREMELY satisfied with my purchase and haven't regretted for a moment not buying the 20D.
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I finally found a dealer with both cameras in stock over the weekend so I could get a side by side comparison.

For me at least, the 350D is just too small in the hand - this is a blow as I need to do some more saving (or sell my kids on eBay) before buying a 20D

This will depend on the size of your hands, but for me the 350D is a no-no, even with a grip which adds height but not (crucially) depth.

Although the 20D does feel significally (and subjectively), "better" than 350D, that does not make the 350D bad - I would be quite happy with it's build, fiunctions and general ergonomics if it were about 20% bigger.

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i agree.. get over to your local camera store and put a nice lens on each of them and see what feels best to you..

i as well have trouble holding therebel XTsince i have large hands, i seem not to be able to find a comfortable position that affords a good enough grip to handle a lengthy telephoto, nor a position where my fingers rest in a position to work the various butttons..

that said, you really can't go wrong either way.. i have had a chance to test them both extensively as i own the 20d and my father owns the XT (which he is thrilled about)..

bottom line, check them out, see which feels better to you since you, weigh the differences in features and feel confident that you have an excellent camera whichever way you go..

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I just bought the 20d over the Digital Rebal XT, because I look at the Xt and it was too small for my hands. And the 20D is built stronger. I've only had the 20Dfour days and have taken around 800 photos. It's great.

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