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I bought the rebel I didn't go with the XT after reading reviews and what I want

it for I think the old rebel will be fine and I was able to afford it.

Couple of questions hope someone can help me with.

1. Just want to confirm there is no auto zoom..you have to do it yourself? I know there is autofocus. With the XT is there auto zoom?

2. I am just using it on auto now....but the no flash inside I did use and some of the pictures came out blurry. They were action kids doing gymnastics. What would be the best way to capture shots like that?

3. Nightshots..ie fireworks or in the dark. My last digital had nightvision so is there anything similar I can do with this one.

4. Last but not least image size. On my last digital it had 2, 3, 4.5 and then 5 meg. On this camera it lists small, medium and large. I don't need it in 6.0 for the shots I do but is med then considered 3.0?

Thanks so much.

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1 - What lens are you using on the DRebel? The DRebel doesn't have a built-in lens like fixed lens cameras do. There are two types of lenses. There are "primes" and "zooms". A prime is a lens that has only one focal length. For example a "200mm" lens is a telephoto lens that only has a 200mm focal length. A "70-200mm" lens can go between 70mm focal length and 200mm focal length. zoom lenses are more flexable but usually a "prime" lens has a higher optical quality and is often smaller and lighter. It should be said that the quality of zoom lenses have improved a lot in the last several years and in many cases are near the optical quality of a prime lens.

With that info, I can answer your question. If you have a zoom lens, then you change the amount of zoom by turning the "zoom" or "focal length" ring on the lens. If it is a prime lens, then you can't change the zoom at all.

2 - The best way to capture action shots when there is not enough light is to use the lens with the largest aperture (smallest f-stop) and use a higher ISO setting. You might not be able to change the ISO in full-auto mode, I don't know. Personally, I'd suggest shooting in aperture-priority (Av) mode. That basically tells the camera to take the picture at the proper shutter speed for the aperture you pick. If you pick the largest aperture, the shutter speed will be the fastest it can (and therefor stop the action... you hope.) In Av, you can set the ISO yourself. Do realize that the higher the ISO setting, the lower the quality of the picture because it will introduce more noise into the image. Since DSLRs have better & larger sensors than the cheaper digicams, the quality is better than they would get at the same ISO... but it isn't the same as shooting at ISO100 or ISO200 (Which look great on that camera.)

3- There is no nightvision mode with that camera. You can get something that attaches to the flash hot-shoe that will do IR-base focusing. Some flashes also have this built in (disable the flash, keep on the focus assist light.) But you're still trying to take the picture when you can't see.

4 - The small, medium, and large probably related to how much compression is used. But I'm not sure. I bet your manual would tell you.

If you have more questions, feel free to ask.

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just a small addendum to what eric said..

the small, medium and large refer to the resolution, so large is full 6.3 megapixel, i think medium is somewhere in the 4.5 megapixel range, and small is more like 3 megapixels..

the fine or normal that follows the size refers to the compression.. so large/fine would be maximum resolution with minimal compression.. the fine and normal is represented by a little icon, the one without a stepoff is fine and the one with a stepoff (best way i can describe it) is normal...

i always recommnend shooting in large/fine as it gives you most latitude later to crop and offers enlargement capability if you happen to catch that perfect moment..

hope that at least helps clear up the image size/resolution part of yer question..

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Hards80 wrote:
large is full 6.3 megapixel, i think medium is somewhere in the 4.5 megapixel range, and small is more like 3 megapixels...
Just take a picture than look at the size of the image(ie, 3000x2000 or w/e), then just multiply. . .and there ya go :G
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