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both cost about the same, however i dont know which will get me the best quality photos.

Canon 300d/ Digital Rebel
Canon EF-S 17-85mm f-4.0-5.6 IS USM

Canon 350d/ Digital Rebel XT
Canon EF-S 18-55mm f3.5-5.6

any ideas or suggestions? The camera will mainly be used for b-days, night indoor, light sports, lanscapes. Im not a pro, i just want something which i can leave on the camera and use in any situation.
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my suggestion is to go ahead and get the 350d with the stock lens.. the camera is superior in almost every fashion.. better resolution, lower noise, faster startup time, faster file transfer, larger buffer, selectable AF, etc.. the stock 18-55 lens is quite good for the price and should be a good start for you..

if you decide you need a better lens in the future, save up some money and get one.. such as the 17-85 you spoke of, or a sigma 24-60 2.8, etc.. you will a superior camera to attach it to..

if you decide you need more light capabilities now and dont want to spend much more money, you can always pick up a 50mm f1.8 for less than 100$$

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You'll be able to get first-rate pics with either, but from everything I've seen you'll most likely get more consistently good flash shots with the 350D due to the improved flash technology and processor. To get good, consistent flash exposures with the Digital Rebel, whether it be with the built-in flash or a separate unit, you need to be able to set flash exposure compensation and, more importantly, practice alot so you know when and how much to dial in. In order to get flash exposure compensation in the body you have to load a non-Canon firmware adjustment which works great, but now that they've got a body with it built-in from the start, and with all the other nice add-ons, the new body just seems a lot nicer.
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play more NS twofruitz tbh.
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