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I have only had me 20d 2 weeks and I have noticed that there are 3-4 dust spots showig up. I have only had the lens off twice since I got it. Is this normal?

I was going to clean it using the SensorSwab where is a good cheap place to buy them? How many you have cleaned you sensor?

I thought about just trying the blower technique because there is only 1 noticeable dust spot and I don't know if it is worth it to will/could this cause more dust to get on the sensor.

Please share your suggestions!!
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Get a Rocket blower for about $9. Use it as often as you need. Hold of on swabbing that chip until you really have to. Based on my reading, you are as likely to be worse off as better after you use the swab.

When using the blower, hold the camera with the lens opening down. First blow out dust from the mirror box with the mirror down. Then use the menu to flip up the mirror and blow off the sensor, still keeping the lens opening pointed down.

I've noticed that the 20D seems to pick up a lot more dust than the 300D. Or maybe it just shows more. In either case, my Rocket blower gets a workout.
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wburychka wrote:
Based on my reading, you are as likely to be worse off as better after you use the swab.

Explain. Are you say that blowing is just as good as swabbing? I tryed the blower however I still have a spot of dust that shows up. Should I clean it. I'm shooting a wedding on th 30th of April and Bridal Shots on the 15th. I was thinking of cleaning if for this. What do you think???
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I'm a coward!

I have booked to go to the Authorised Canon Centre in Stock-On-Trent (I live North Manchester) so it's quite a trek for me but I'm hoping they will show me how to do it properly and with the proper equipment (hopefully sell me a kit!)

Plus I'm having my L lenses looked at as I noticed small specs in there, whether they have been in there from the start I don't know but I'm going to see if they can clean them. They've quoted 3-4 days!

I'll let you know the results on this little lot next week!

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The dust on your sensor "may" be underneath the front element, in between the sensor and the low pass filter. Either take it to a dealer, don´t go above f8 or get used to "healing" in Photoshop. Don´t start dabbing the sensor, you may mess it up and cause £´s or $´s worth of damage.

Don´t do anything that renders your camera useless before the wedding, deal with it later.


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In thinking about this "problem" and I am sure I will be faced with it soon enough, just using a blower should probably blow the dust around that chamber, so I was thinking about one of those mini vacuums that they used to clean computer keyboards. Obviously not to touch the sensor with it, but maybe have it on in the chamber as you use that blower, this way the vacuum would suck the dust up. It is just a thought.
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I have used these myself - they get all but the really "stuck" chunks of dirt:

Check out DSLRClean – a specially created cleaning stick for removing dust from digital SLR camera sensors – is now available worldwide. The DSLRClean sticks are designed for use without liquids using a unique micro-pore swab that creates a mini vacuum effect to gently lift dust from both CCD and CMOS type sensors.

There are several solutions on the market which either involve static charged brushesor liquids. IMS has created a solution that does not involve either the insertion of a static charged brush (which can have a negative impact on CMOS devices such as Canon dSLRs, as they areincredibly sensitive to charge build-up) or the use of hazardous liquids.

IMS has the most effective and safest solution for sensor cleaning at less than half thecost of other available products. DSLRClean is available online from:
www.intemos.com - $29.99 for a package of ten.

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