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My D-Reb is experiencing too many ERR#99s. Fortunately turning it off and on brings it back on line but it is annoying. It can go a 200+shots then several Err99s that it is a "pain".

Doesanyone any suggestions for sending the camera to Canon Service Centers. Are they quick on turnaround? Unfortunately the 1 yr warranty has expired.
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I have not had any Err99's with eithermy DReb or 20Dand have not had to use Canon's service (and I've probably put a curse on myself for saying that:O).

Have you tried anything to troubleshoot it yourself?

1. Tried different lenses. Possibly a communications error between the body and the lens? Cleaned the lenses and bodys contacts?

2. Tried a different CF card.

3. Installing the latest version of firmware for the camera?

4. If they occur using flash, is it a Canon brand flash or other?

5. Is the battery still showing a good charge when the error occurs?

These are just some things that I might attempt before sending it in.
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Good suggestion!!!

Error 99 is a general fault - most probably (5) the battery not having enough 'umph'... Try a new or another battery

Lens communication is Error 01, and CF is error 02... but a combination of both (or any other) could also result in error 99!
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I believe I have the latest firmware 1.1.1. I can't seem to pinpoint the error. I use fresh batteries and I also used and removed my BG-E1. It happens with and without. I use a 18-55 kit lens, 17-40L, 28-135IS anda tamron 28-75 XR-DI. I use a 550EX Flash. It was happening very regularly then I used the Kit lens exclusively and went about 300 shots with only 1 err99. Switched to Tamron and went 100 shots but started happening again. I am beginning to suspect the Tamron. (very reluctant to use it with my 20D). I may try to stay with the Kit lens for a while to see if it clears up or seldom occurs. Interesting thing, I only need to switch it off and on to recover. Most people I read need to remove the battery.

Very reluctant to send to Canon but may have too. I need for it to be dependable on each shot.
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I've heard if you change lenses while the camera is on could cause problems. so it is wise to turn the camera off before changing lenses. i don't have a dslr yet so i'm just repeating what i've heard and read.

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