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I need to know how to do what was suggested by NHL on my post "Skin looks pale"

NHL recommended the following:
You have a typical black(top)/white(skirt) problem here - where the TTL is quite unpredictable...

Use a grey card (to set both the WB and the exposure) :idea:
or FEL(* - AE lock with flash) lock on the skin tone!

-> The 18% grey card is best here since it'll be independent from your subject and background exposure and white balance - and yes you can do white balance with a grey card "
So how do I go about doing this??
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Finally got around to reading this. You buy a gray card, made by Kodak:


put the gray card in front of the subject, and take a picture of the gray card. Go to the menu and white balance using the gray card photo as the picture you are white balancing (this is also in the 20D instruction manual). Now you set the white balance on the camera to that little square flower looking thing. Also, grey cards will reflect the perfect amount of light to get an exact meter reading (b/c the camera's metering system averages everything to 18% reflectance, which equals middle gray - so if you shoot a plain white wall, the meter will turn that white wall middle gray, and you will get a middle gray picture). So, you put the gray card in front of your subject, and take a meter reading, you can do an exposure lock, or set it manually.

If you don't want to walk around with a gray card, what a lot of the "old school" photographers do, is put their hand in front of their subject, meter on that. But they have to compensate by darkeningone stop. The reason for this, is that the palm of the hand turns out to be a dead on Zone 6 (middle gray is Zone 5 - each zone would be a full stop). So you meter on your hand and then take that reading andraise it one stop (so a meter reading of F5.6 @1/60, you would open it to F4 @1/60, or F5.6 @ 1/30).

Of course you can't do the white balance thing on your hand, so you might just want to go for the gray cards, which are $14.95 at the above B&H link. Good luck. Have fun in NYC, and I told all of the Puerto Ricans to watch your back (and not to steal your camera).
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