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I am getting my Canon EOS 350D camera in a few weeks but I have not yet got a CF card... and so I am wondering which one would be the cheapest and most reasonable card to buy.

I was checking the Magicstor 2.2GB Microdrive CF+ Type II
but I'm not sure if it is compatible with my camera. !? :shock::shock:

Do any of you have any good suggestions?

(Maybe SanDisk CF 1.0GBII ???)
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Do yourself a favor - don't buy the Magicstor, get yourself a good name brand and solid state CF card. Microdrives are good for capacity but not for reliability and that Magicstor is the worst of the microdrives with Hitachi being the best. Suggest you look at a 1GB CF card from one of the majors like Sandisk, Lexar, etc. You don't want "cheap" -- you want reliable - remember you are going to use it over and over again.
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Thank you for your recomendation!

After reading some user reviews for the Magicstor minidrives I figured it would not be a good choice. I was thinkin of the SanDisk 1GB CF.

But can you tell me if I should by the SanDisk CF II card (which is said to be much faster) or should I just save money and get the normal one. Will it make much of a difference weather I have the faster one or just the normal? Will I be able to take more shots per second with the version II?
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Maybe I'm just a haystack farmer, but I bought a Kingston 1gb card, garden variety, for $59 on sale for my 20D.

I believe your 350D will buffer your shots, so the place where you will notice the speed of the card the most will when you upload your shots to your PC.

You could probably also get away with a 512mb card, as the 350D will probably hold about 430 shots on a half gig cardat JPEG highest resolution setting.

As for myself, I personally rarely shoot more than 140 shots in one day. My eyes turn into viewfinders once I get over the 140 mark!

-- Terry

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I definetly recommend a 1gb card. I dont think the 350D will do 430 shots on a 512mb card. My 20D will only do about 240 pics on my 1gb card at the highest jpeg setting and the file size is slightly higher than the 350d. I would suspect you would only get 125 shots on a 512 and maybe 250 shots on a 1gb. Could be wrong tho.

Costco has the Sandisk Ultra II 1gb card for $89. I bought one from them online before they had it in their stores and it works awesome. Its fast both in the camera and in a card reader. So fast that when I used it in a USB 2.0 card reader I was able to view the pics while still on the card in "slide show" and the speed was so fast that I couldnt tell that the pics were not downloaded to my computer. I tried that with my older Sandisk 256mb card and there was major lag time while the images downloaded in "slide show".

This is a highly rated card and at $89 local, its a good deal. Thats the same price as B&H or Adorama.

Here is the online link:


For comparison, Circuit City has this card for $124.


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I have a 350D, I use 1 gb Lexar Pro WA80x, it is very fast and holds 107 Raw pics with thumbnail jpegs. The WA facility is not available to Canon cameras so the 40x is not much slower.Extreme & Ultra Sandisks are the fastest, followed by Pro & High speed Lexars, but they are all so fast that you won't notice much difference.

Magicstor doesn't work at all, and standard cards run around 20-25% of the better cards listed above.

I suggest that you look at http://www.robgalbraith.com/bins/mul...e.asp?cid=6007to check the CF card performance data.

It is the best data available as the cardsare speed checked in most DSLR's, including the 350D
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