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I have a nice Bogen TriPod and A Mono Pod. also I have a cheap wal-mart tripod for my 420EX when it is a slave.

I checked out the location last weekend It's in Central Texas (Comfort). The bride and groom are mailing be a list of MUST get shots, and Must photograph Guests lists. Also Flash is allowed the bride and groom both understand the fill flash during this time of day will greatly improve the pictures. So that is ok.

As far as renting a Lens.I have no Idea were I could rent one in the town of 1,200 people???? My town of 98,000 in the middle of West Texas only has one camera shot and they are overpriced, understocked, and don't rent. I think that if worse comes to worse I'll switch to the 50mm F1.8. I'm not planning on switching to the 300mm lense b/c I don't want to risk dust getting on the sensor. I'd hate to have spots on all the photos. So I'm planning on stiking to the 28-135mm.

Also I'm doing this to build my portfolio, yes I drew up a contract for the wedding, and a modeling contract for the wedding. I should recieve them in the mail tomorrow.

It is in a gazebo. I figure that will be a challenge but with a slight over exposer and the 550EX I think it will be fine.

Keep the tips coming.
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As long as you can use the flash your set.

Now on to ETTL. Its a pain if you dont prep for it, you have to get the exposure down so you dont burn your white dresses/clothing or lose details in your black tuxes or suits.

The key is to understand the lighing for every spot your going to be at for each shot and how to make sure the ETTL metering doesnt kill your shots. Because if the lighting changes and the metering isnt reading it they way you are kiss that shot good-bye. Plus if your lighting changes from shot to shot or at each spot your taking pictures due to any number of reasons it can really be stressful to rest setting to re-adjust for the lighing conditions that you were not expecting on the fly when/if its fasted paced shot and you dont have time to check to see if your new settings are looking perfect.

So get in test shots to know what to expect and make sure you have s cheat sheets handy with a quick reference guide to what works and what doesnt with the test shots.
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