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I just purchased a 20d about a week ago and enjoy it a lot.

I do have a question regarding the focus spots that light up. I understand that whichever focusspot you choose to focus from lights up when AF focuses. However I am finding that when I set my lens to manual focus, I still get a focus light or two that blinks red while pressing the shutter half way. even when in my opinion it shouldn't.

Perhaps it is doing something else I am not aware of.

I am also having a problem focusing on lets say a small bird far away. If I use the center spot to AF focus I find if I don't have it exactly on the bird it searches all over and in the process I lose my chance to get the picture. Does anyone have a better suggestion on getting a quick focus on a small object. Perhaps manual focusing or all nine spots.

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I am offering up this solution without the manual of camera in front of me. Im going off memory so somebody corrent me if I am wrong.

When the focus point lights up while in manual focus mode its just telling you that you have achieved good focusing at that point. Its just a visualaid and a nifty one at that.

For your other issue just change your focus point to the center only. You can do this by hitting the focus point selector button on the top right back of the camera and then use the joystick toggle to select the center only. You do this by pushing in the joystick staight in and then hiting the focus point selector button. This will force the camera to only try to focus on the center point. Additionally, if you like, you can choose any focus point you like by playing around with the joystick after pushing the selector button. To get back to using all the points you just need to repeat the steps.

My terminology for the buttons maybe off but in practice this is how it works for me. I have only had my 20D for a few weeks.

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The manual focus issue you mentioned is exactly what the camera is designed for. It's the camera telling you that the point in the selected AF spot is in sharp focus. It's quite helpfull particularly in low-light situations where sharp details can be harder to make out.

The other thing you mentioned can be solved by focussing on a point in your scene the same distance away from the camera as the subject and then re-framing on the subject itself. So if your scene is a bird sitting on a branch and you find the lens hunting for focus, try focusing on a twig in the branch first (half-pressed shutter button and keep it held down) then re-compose the shot on the bird and shoot!

Just don't kill the bird :?
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