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First of all, what is a "pram"? I don't get out much, so I am not familiar with this word.

Back to the topic. Didn't Nikon offer a firmware update (recently) to its D70 line? The D70's featureswill benearly in line with those of the coming D70S. And, I believe that the D70 is nearly as old as the Rebel 300D. That was surely a nice, big show of support forNikon owners.

Come on Canon, don't let the competition do that to you. Make it happen. Now.

SA Flyer
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But Nikon couldn't add the things that were hardware related. Mf_blues seems to suggest that the two cameras (TX & DRebel) are the same thing... which they are not.

It would be nice if they would upgrade it to be closer to the TX. It would be a good show of faith to their only-slightly-older customers. I don't know what the firmware differences are, but maybe there are some.

On the other hand, they certainly will not give away the source code to the firmware to allow others to modify it. I am quite sure it has proprietary things in it (like software noise reduction, jpg compression implementations, sharpening algorithms) that they don't want their competition getting their hands on. Did you actually expect them to do it? Get real... and realistic.

And they won't do anything about the Russian hack'ed firmware because then they would have to support it. And I am sure they are not going to do that. If you want it, you can get it... nothing is stopping you. Just hunt around a bit. But Canon will never say anything about it. Be happy they haven't tried to squash it by suing the maker and whoever hosts a copy of it (I'm not saying it would work legally, but threats work very well.) Part of the reason the DRebel family has the lower price tag is that it is heavily subsidized by the 10D & 20D development. They could make it cheaper by borrowing heavily from its firmware and hardware. So yes, exposure compensation is really there in the DRebel/TX, but they disable it. Sounds like an underhanded move… but really, they were able to make the Drebel/TX cheaper by reusing stuff from the 10D/20D. Would you have been happier if they redid the entire firmware (completely removing the features that shouldn't have been there) and priced it higher? Of course not, so instead they make it cheaper by reusing code and you complain that they locked out features. I don't get it.

And mf_blues, I don't know what a pram is either, but hey it's a cultural thing. But I wouldn't suggest referring to people here as "dummies"… most people don't take kindly to be insulted, even if you meant it as a joke. The nuances of jokes like that don't come through text well (no expressions, no tone of voice.)

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I really don't understand your problem.

Did Canon somehow misrepresent the features on the 300D before you bought it? If they did then take it back and get a refund. Otherwise you're just getting on your high-horse because you think software is free.

Software, like hardware, is something that requires resources to produce. Canon don't owe you the best software for the camera. If you're producing it commercially you can't just "enable" those features like they did in the Russian hack. You have to test them too, with the specific hardware components that you're going to be releasing. That costs money which would have to be reflected in the cost of the equipment. The combination of that hardware and software then have to perform to the tolerances and standards required by your quality control and warrantees.

It's possible that the disabled features were simply a cost-cutting measure, or a time-to-market measure, or simply a marketing issue (as you believe), or that they actually did test and found problems with those features and the 300D hardware and decided to disable them to improve quality. The point is that we have no idea and yet you are somehow outraged that you're not getting free features that no-one ever promised that you were entitled to.

Somehow this is an indication that Canon have poor after-sales service?

If you want those features for free then update your firmware with the hack and live with the fact that you've invalidated your warrantee. Otherwise stop your whining.
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No need to get touchy boys.

A pram you might call a buggie and a dummy you might call a pacifier, things normally associated with little people. To avoid confusion I mean Babies.:-)

I know the XT and the Rebel are not the same hardware, the features like FEC and AF Mode settings etc is what I'm on about. God you boys take things too seriously. Chill out guys, go out and take some pics.



PS. If I have offended anyone then I apologise, it was not my intention to upset. :sad:
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We're not touchy - just think you're talking [Edit] fiddlesticks is all. :-)

P.S. It's perfectly possible to update the software in many cars to give you much higher power output, as any boy-racer with a GTI can tell you. It's called "chipping" because the chip usually needs replacing - they're not flashable. No hardware changes required, but it also invalidates the manufacturers warrantee. And many of the cheaper chip mods come from Russia too.

The F1 teams change their cars' power output on-the-fly for that matter, and I'll be heading off to the British GP this summer with my camera to take some pics.

I'm sure no-one here took offense, just enjoying a little heated debate. :P
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OK, this thread has degenerated far enough and is hereby closed. Next topic please!
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thank you
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I think the manufacturers need to release some firmwares to keep the costumers happy and thinking in buy the product next time, if not firmware, patches or fixes are release for a long period of time (9 months 12 months) I never buy againg from that brand, why not release a firmware from a camera to the next lower level model after 10 or 12 months? how much cost that? that is just bait and cost little money for get a lots of money, but some times the people want a lots of money in one time and that is the big mistake, go to the electronic store and ask how many "Bose" system was sale in the month? 1 maybe nothing, and ask how many the others brand midle quality was sale maybe 2, 3 or more, that is the problem like the fisherman,

bait, time and patiente.

lemonster wrote:

if you dont like canon, buy nikon!

we dont want you anyways

OR start building your own camera and release all the firmware updates you want

not budy else say "we don't want you anyways" only you say that, so you need to write:

"I don't want you anyways" not "we"


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i think the subject is closed when steve says its closed. i suggest you just leave it alone please?
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