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I ama happy owner of the rebel xt and new to learning about post processing. After reading here I downloaded Picassa 2 and really like it for organizating and simple editing.

Last night I purchased photoshop elements 3.0and wow do I have a lot to learn!

1.What is the best way to get my photosfrom picassa to elements? Should I use picassas export button so I dont mess with the origional photo?

2. How should I save my photos after the chgs. are made in elements?

3. Should I keep picassa now that I have elements? It still seems like the fastest way to do 90% of my editing.

4. When burning a CD from Picassato have prints made what is the best way. I usually want to print onlyhalf of the pics in each folder but I dont want do delete the others.

5. Can anyone reccommend a good - simple book for learning PS elements?

Thank you for your time!

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As I don't use Picassa, but I do use Elements 3 I only feel qualified to answer number 5.

"The PhotoShop Elements Book for Digital Photographers" by Scott Kelby. ISBN - 0-321-26905-5.

It's not just your average "guide book" that goes through every feature of a program. This book tells you exactly how to do the things you want to do with Elements as a photographer. Everthing from sharpening to touching up via colour correction, colourising, resizing and digital nose jobs (I kid ye not).

Find it in a shop, sit down with it for a few minutes and have a browse through it. It won't tell you what every button or filter in Elements 3 does - it will just tell you how to do the things you want to do, step by step. Might be that this style doesn't suit you, but I learned a heck of a lot about photo editing from this book.

Don't know where in the world you are but links to the book at Amazon.com and Amazon.co.uk :-



Should really have put the link to Scott's website on here too :-

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Thanks so much! I'll check it out tomorrow when our book store opens.
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